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The term “America’s Sweetheart” gets thrown around a bit. But if one actress has embodied it throughout her career, it has to be Jennifer Aniston. The star of Friends, and now the hit AppleTV show The Morning Show, is known for her television stardom as much as she is for her roller-coaster relationships. 

Now, she is ready for a change in the dating arena. A change that, if I am reading this correctly, puts your humble writer right in the running.

Via PeopleTV:

When she was asked if she believed relationships between public figures and non-public figures could work.

“Of course,” Aniston, 52, said. “Absolutely. I mean, it’s happened. That’s what I’m sort of hoping for is not necessarily somebody in the industry itself.”

She added, “That’d be nice.”

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You heard it, folks. Rachel herself said, “That’d be nice” to be in a relationship with a non-industry person. Now, will she date someone 18 years younger than her? Who’s to say. Will she date someone with a credit score a banker once called “theoretically impossible”? Why not. 

My biggest hopes, dreams, and delusions aside, this is a good step for her. She’s dated many celebrities, and every relationship she’s had has been dragged through the mud of tabloids. If she dates a contractor from Van Nuys, I think it will help ground her in normalcy, at least for a bit.

Jennifer Aniston’s Relationship History

Aniston began dating Brad Pitt in 1998 before marrying him in 2000. Together for five years, they divorced amid speculation that Pitt cheated on Aniston with Mr. and Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie. There was also speculation that the couple divorced due to Aniston’s refusal to have children, which she has repeatedly denied. 

She then dated and married actor and writer Justin Theroux. That relationship lasted from 2011 until a 2017 separation. 

Through both relationships, Aniston was constantly in the tabloids. No doubt that has affected her. But through it all, she’s avoided the crack-ups, so many celebrities have under such immense pressure from a ravenous press. 

As much as we harangue celebrities for their mistakes, we seldom reward them for their grace. Aniston maintaining relevance and sanity throughout all of this is admirable.

She is open about her mental health struggles and that she attends therapy.

I wish more celebrities and everyday people were like this. Instead of stigmatizing and hiding our struggles, we should be more open and honest about them. Personally, being open about my anxiety and depression led to a great many personal discoveries. 

Forget Ross, Find A Joey

I think we can all agree that Ross sucked. He was the worst character on Friends. I’ve never heard someone say he was their favorite. And yet, Rachel was always attached to Ross.

Why? Ross offered nothing. He was whiny, selfish, mean, cold, and worst of all – he was BORING. So boring. Can you think of a single funny thing (besides PIVOT!) that Ross ever said. 

But let’s look at Joey. Yes, he was a buffoon. But he was sweet, funny, considerate, definitely the most loyal “friend” on the show. In the later seasons, Rachel got with Joey, and the writers chickened out and put Rachel back with Ross. GAG. 

Joey’s character was a decent, honest man. Rachel would have done better with him than with the airhead beta doofus that was Ross. 

What are your thoughts? Can Jennifer Aniston date a non-celebrity? Sound off in the comments.

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