Huge Dominik Mysterio Change Discussed, Rick Flair Issues Statement

Dominik Mysterio Change Discussed
Source: Jason G LegitBoss, Twitter, Screenshot

Dominik Mysterio is having a nice babyface run as of late. Since WWE has returned to live fans, he gets a nice reaction. Nothing like his dad Rey. But could a heel turn change some things for Dominik and his WWE persona?

Huge Dominik Mysterio Change Discussed

When Dominik Mysterio first hit the WWE during the COVID-19 pandemic, it made sense for him to be a babyface. After all, his dad Rey is a top face.

While Dominik is doing well, he may need a change in character to accelerate his career in the WWE. The company shied away from a heel turn initially, but there have been some teases as of late.

The Mysterios as a tag team hasn’t been doing well, recently. The duo’s foundation is seemingly cracking.

Vince McMahon’s Views On A Dominik Mysterio Change – Discussed

As per a Wrestling News report, Vince McMahon is open to the idea of giving the Mysterio son a mask. He would also turn heel.

McMahon seems “receptive” to this idea. Dominik would also announce he’s the “superior” member of the family as part of the heel turn.

Could this work? Dominik certainly does need to add a little spice to his WWE character.

Turning heel would help pull him away from his father’s shadow. He’s an incredible talent and should test the waters of the ring on his own at some point.

Over to some controversial news, the Dark Side of The Ring’s Plane Ride From Hell has rocked the wrestling world. Ric Flair has taken center stage on this and has finally issued a statement.

Rick Flair Issues Statement

Dark Side of The Ring’s Plane Ride From Hell has had many fans, wrestling media, and talent talking. Ric Flair was a major part of the story.

After all the details came out, Flair’s CarShield ad campaign was pulled. It also seems like AEW may not bring him into the fold, after all, as well.

He was also removed from WWE’s opening video package, as of last night’s RAW. The intro begins with a “woo” from Flair, which is no longer there.

In addition, it seems like the WWE has also taken out all of Ric’s merch from WWE Shop. As of this writing, a search of his name brings up 0 items.

Breaking His Silence

The two-time WWE Hall of Famer has broken his silence on the Darker Side of the Ring episode. Naitch addressed some allegations via a tweet, recently.

Dominik Mysterio Change Discussed

Source: Wrestling News, Twitter, Screenshot

The post has three separate graphic images with text on it. Flair revealed things from his stance.

Ric began by saying that while many people he works with have stated not to post a response, he felt the need to. He was clear that his past alcohol and drug issues have been “well documented” over the years.

He also called Rory Kampf a liar. The entire post of his statement is below.

Ric Flair has done a lot in that squared circle. As a 17-time world champion, many fans believe he is the greatest wrestler of all time.

With that said, he’s also made a lot of mistakes over the years. He’s never seemingly shied away from admitting them.

What’s next for The Nature Boy? Only time will tell.