Gabby Petito

Influencer and vlogger Gabby Petito is still missing. She was last seen near Grand Teton National Park. Her story has sparked national interest due to her burgeoning fame and the bizarre behavior of boyfriend and co-traveler Brian Laundrie.

Petito’s parents have filed a missing person’s report. Below are the latest updates. 

National Park Service Issues Statement

Bodycam Footage Of Gabby Petito And Brian Laundrie

Police released bodycam footage of an interaction between the police, Petito, and her boyfriend, Brian Laundrie.

The footage shows officers from the Moab City Police Department talking to a distraught Petito after pulling their white van over.

Take a look:

Gabby’s Father Issue Plea For Help

Gabby’s father has issued a plea help and has questioned why Laundrie isn’t “leading the charge” to find her: ”

The goal is still not met and that goal is to bring Gabby home safe. I’m asking for help from everyone here, I’m asking for help from everyone at home, I’m asking for help from the parents of Brian and I’m asking for help from the family members and friends of Laundrie family as well,”

Who is Gabby Petito? 

Gabby Petito is a famous influencer and vlogger who made a name for herself traveling across the United States in a van.

With Laundrie, Petito began her trip around the US in July. A native of Suffolk County, New York, the 22 year old has loved travel for a long time, traveling everywhere from Costa Rica to Texas.

Who is Brian Laundrie? 

Laundrie has declined to make a public statement and has retained legal representation.

Brian Laundrie began dating Petito in 2019. The two traveled to California in 2020 and later became engaged in July of last year.

According to Fox News, Laundrie was described as a “quiet” and “nice guy.” The Florida native met Petito in 2019.

Laundrie returned to Florida on September 1st without Petito and has not given indication he knows where she is or what happened to her. 

Commentary on Gabby Petito

How many times have we heard this one before?

A “Nice and quiet guy” has a girlfriend who suddenly goes missing?

I hope that Gabby unplugged and is spending time somewhere recharging away from social media.

But honestly, the outlook does not look good. This is certainly suspicious, and I know as this story unfolds, we will learn more, and I doubt much of it will be “good news.”

What is #VanLife? 

A trend started during the pandemic, #VanLife is popular among millennials and Gen-Zs. A generation that has never owned anything takes it to an extreme level. Young people are putting their entire lives on wheels.

Forsaking a traditional home and address, Van Lifers travel the United States in converted vans (think Sprinter vans or conversion vans) tricked out with beds, TVs, and other amenities. 

Many van lifers preach “simple living,” but I can’t imagine anything more complicated life than putting all your possessions on four wheels.

You don’t even have a bathroom and shower and have to cook everything over a fire or a small gas-powered stove. No, thank you. 

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