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In case you didn’t know, the Emmys were last night. It’s OK if you forgot about another one of Hollywood’s celebrations of itself. I did too. But besides Ted Lasso racking the wins, everyone is talking about the total lack of mask compliance, at least among celebrities.

If you were working at the Emmys, you had to keep that mask on. People naturally weren’t happy with it

“Hollywood stars are currently sitting together maskless in a packed room at the Emmys… meanwhile my fully vaccinated kids are forced to wear masks all day at school. What a ridiculous world we’re living in!”

I don’t mind a lot of the mask mandates, especially indoors and especially if you have to show proof of vaccination.

But the thing is, many of these celebrities don’t follow the same rules.

But what was grinding to me was that if you were working at the Emmys, you still needed to be fully masked:

COVID Protocols Mocked At Emmys

The celebrities were so BRAZEN in their mocking of the protocols they forced on us that they poked fun at their maskless indoor event.

An event that if were held with everyday people would be called a “superspreader” event. 

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Politicians Don’t Follow Their Own Rules, Either.

The elite doesn’t think the rules apply to them. Because they don’t. The powerful and connected can flaunt the rules without consequence because they are the rule writers.

We didn’t just see this at the Emmys, but at last week’s celebration of Caliguian excess, the Met ball.

San Francisco mayor London Breed couldn’t follow her mask restrictions.

The Bay Area has had some of the most stringent measures for the entire pandemic.

Breed couldn’t follow the rules because she was “feeling the spirit” and didn’t want to involve the “fun police.”

Ironic, considering if you violate one of her rules, you will run into the ACTUAL police:

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COVID compliance becomes more of a class struggle with stunts like this.

It is less about protecting people than it is about showing who is privileged and who isn’t.

Someone, please tell me the SCIENCE that says you don’t need to wear a mask if you’re rich and famous!