UFC fighter Kevin Lee was targeting Mike Perry for his next bout. Instead, he will meet Daniel Rodriguez to close out Augusst.

Lee explained during a recent interview with Submission Radio why he felt Perry was the right fight to make next. 

“Mike Perry would have been a good one. That would have been a good name. Honestly, it would have been a softball, and I was kind of looking for a softball. I ain’t had one yet in my career, and Perry would have been that,” Lee said. “But he didn’t want to give it to me. So, me and him, I lost a lot of respect for the man after that. I asked for that fight in May. He said give him a little bit more time. So, I moved on and wanted to fight Sean Brady in July. He said he needed a few more weeks up there in July, but then August 28th rolls around and he still ain’t say nothing.

“So, I lose a lot of respect for the man. And I say one thing and it’s gonna be the end of it, between me and him, he can never say he’s from Michigan again. If I hear it, anything come out of his mouth, that he’s from Flint, that he’s from Michigan, we’re gonna have some serious problems. There ain’t gonna be none of that picture-taking and hand-shaking when he sees me. That’s not how we get down where I’m from.”

Lee, though, remains focused on Rodriguez and getting the win.

“I think he does some things very good. He does a lot of basics very good, and if you overlook that, then he’s going to light you up all night,” he said. “But for me, I got a much more complete skillset. I can wrestle a lot more, I can grapple a lot more, I can kick, I can box. I can do all those things that he can do and even more. I think the difference is gonna be who’s gonna be the most well-rounded fighter. It’s not just gonna be a pissing match, and that’s just going in there and showing our heart.”


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