UFC’s Ariane Lipski Makes History With NFT Capture

UFC fighter Ariane Lipski returns in September to action, and she will do so with a brand-new NFT to her resume.

UFC fighter Ariane Lipski is the first mixed martial artist to be strapped into New World Inc.s’ motion capture equipment.

Lipski’s movements and strikes will be translated into a three-dimensional animated character and sold as an NFT. That makes her certified as the original owner of the tracked movement.

By recording an individual’s movements with motion capture, creators and collaborators have the ability to use their own tracking data and map it directly to their NFT creation. The data can be applied to three-dimensional models and/or characters creating unique pieces of immersive art. The art is then minted as an NFT on New World Inc.’s app and viewed in augmented reality.

This motion capture technology opens new opportunities for creators on New World Inc.’s platform to collaborate across various verticals by creating engaging NFTs. NFTs create new conversations and potential value between talent, brands, athletes, artists, musicians and their sponsors with enhanced media and special perks to their fans in a brand new business model that didn’t exist before. 

Lipski, who is 13-7 in her career, returns at UFC Fight Night: Brunson vs. Till on September 4 to meet Mandy Bohm. 

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