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Hollywood star Kirstie Alley spoke out this week in defense of women after a worldwide organization of doctors called for “gender-inclusive language” including the term “chestfeeding” in its new breastfeeding guidelines.

Kirstie Alley Blasts Use of ‘Chestfeeding’ in Place of ‘Breastfeeding’

“”I’m a little tired of the degrading and nullifying of women and their abilities,” tweeted Alley, 70. “Breastfeeding is one of our abilities. It’s a beautiful and important ability.”

“Knock off the nullifying of women fir [sic] the sake of lunatics,” she added. “Equal rights does not equal insanity.”

“We all have opinions.,” she later clarified, according to Daily Mail. “Probably the main reason social media is so popular. Especially on our own sites. I guess it’s also inviting other opinions of our opinions but I don’t feel obligated to be ‘sweet’ when people are nasty to me about my own site opinions. BlAh blAh blAh.”

“It’s our personal responsibility to agree or disagree with concepts,” Alley explained. “My only point here today is don’t let insanity force you to pretend like you agree with the insanity. It’s part of the insanity to shame you into agreement.”

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Medical Org Uses Terms ‘Chestfeeding’, ‘Parent’s Milk’ for Breastfeeding

Fox News reported that this came after The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine called for the use of “gender-inclusive language” such as “chestfeeding,” “parent’s milk” and “human milk feeding” in new guidelines.

“ABM recognizes that not all people who give birth and lactate identify as female, and that some of these individuals identify as neither female nor male,” the organization said in a document posted last month.

Dr. Laura Kair of the UC Davis Children’s Hospital, who is one of the authors of this document, released a statement saying that “language has power.”

“The language that we use should be as inclusive as possible when discussing infant feeding,” she wrote. “When working with patients it is best to ask them their affirmed terminology. When communicating medical research, language should accurately reflect the population studied so as not to mask research needs.”

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Kirstie Alley Doubles Down

Alley is one of the few actors in Hollywood who openly supported former President Donald Trump in last year’s presidential election.

Despite her unapologetically conservative nature, Alley stressed that her stance on this issue has nothing to do with politics. 

“My views of this BS are not political,” she said. “I have plenty of friends from both political persuasions who SHARE the view of the INSANITIES being shoved down our throats by pervs trying to degrade our society. Don’t be afraid to disagree with people who seek to pervert workable morals.”

This politically correct nonsense has gone way too far. It’s time for more celebrities to join Kirstie Alley in speaking out.

It’s ironic that the “woke” left claims to be feminists, yet they are trying to erase the biological abilities of women at the same time. 

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