Cleveland Indians new name
Source: Chief Wahoo photo courtesy of Hawk Eyes via Creative Commons; Guardians Logo via MLB Twitter

The Cleveland Indians have gone full woke and announced the team’s new name… wait for it…  the Cleveland Guardians.

Since 1915, the Indians were cheered on by Greater Cleveland. The team has a storied history. Bob Hope even used to own a part of his hometown team.

But, political correctness came hunting and the Dolan family who owns the team caved to the pressure.

Named Indians For Louis Sockalexis

The Indians were named after player Louis Sockalexis. He was beloved by Cleveland fans. The name was changed to the Indians in tribute to his heritage. Now, that honor has been wiped clean because some people were offended.

The team announced the name change with a video narrated by actor Tom Hanks who lived in Cleveland before becoming a household name.

The new logo is a big change from Chief Wahoo.

The Chief was given the boot a handful a years ago with the promise the team would remain as the Indians.

But, cancel culture is ruthless and the Indians owners couldn’t withstand the heat.

The new moniker is based on the Art Deco sculptures overlooking the Lorain-Carnegie Bridge that oversees east-west traffic. 

This big change isn’t sitting well with everyone. I am well aware of the fans anger. I am one of them.

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Many Indians Fans Aren’t Happy

The Cleveland Indians are my team. I’ve been attending games since I was four years old.

I have gone to World Series games when it was snowing. I sat in the stands at the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium when the team was so bad that a player just getting walked was considered a victory.

My family has been to Spring Training with the Tribe. I have been a season ticket holder.

No longer.

Others have joined the chorus of devoted fans who will not accept this name change.

Pastor Darrell Scott shared how his first job was selling snow cones and peanuts at Indians games.

The conservative pastor calls the Guardians “THE STUPIDEST NAME FOR A TEAM IN ALL OF BASEBALL!!!”

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The Dolan Family

Lifelong Indians fan Ralph King also expressed his disgust. He took aim at the Dolan family who owns the Cleveland Indians.

State Senator Matt Dolan is considering running for US Senate as a Republican. He would be forced to explain this decision to voters like King.

Many fans have predicted that attendance will drop off after the team switches its name.

This will present the Dolans with the opportunity for moving the team to a city like Nashville. Time will tell if this will actually happen.

Right now, there are plenty of Clevelanders in search of a new team.

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