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Britney Spears first marriage to her high school sweetheart Jason Allen Alexander ended at the behest of her “controlling” mom Lynne, divorce lawyer Mark Goldberg alleges.

Jason Alexander and the pop star tied the knot in in Las Vegas in January 2004 when Britney was at the top of her game.

When she called her parents to tell them about the marriage, Lynne forced Alexander’s hand. Fifty-five hours later, the marriage was annulled. 

Alexander Says He Was “Duped” Into Annulment

Divorce attorney Mark Goldberg’s claims about the annulment confirm Alexander’s.

Just last week, Britney’s jilted first husband said he was “duped” into ending the marriage. Apparently, Britney’s mom and management forced the annulment. 

Much of the drama and control regarding Britney Spears’ conservatorship has focused on her father, Jamie. But, Goldberg’s revelation raises some questions about Britney’s mother in this case. 

Alexander contacted Goldberg, a highly sought after divorce attorney, several times after Lynne Spears threw him out of Britney’s hotel suite. They spoke several times. 

“It was the mother interfering in and inserting herself into her daughter’s life,” Goldberg tells The Daily Mail. “She came to Las Vegas, threw Jason out and got him a plane ticket home.”

The now-retired divorce attorney says neither Britney nor Jason wanted an annulment.

The situation has been hard for him to shake since Jason Alexander clearly loved Britney and did not want to split. Goldberg said he “felt sorry for the kid.”

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“Jason was looking for advice. He was very emotional and upset. Britney had called him to come to Las Vegas. She was there with friends as I recall, and she paid for his airfare to come,” the lawyer remembers. 


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Lawyer Gives More Insight About Britney

“As I remember it, it was Britney’s idea to get married,” he continued. “He said they hadn’t been drinking or doing drugs – or at least they weren’t drunk.”

Legal papers for the annulment claim that Britney “lacked understanding of her actions, to the extent that she was incapable of agreeing to the marriage.”

Goldberg challenged that assertion by saying,” I asked him several times [if they were drunk or on drugs] because if I was going to represent him, I needed to know all the facts and he was clear, they weren’t…they just really loved each other.”

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Fans know Britney hasn’t had control of her life since her conservatorship began in 2008.

But, these new allegations might shed light on the fact that both her parents exerted control over her even before the conservatorship.

Lynne Spears was able to crush Britney’s dream of being married to her high school sweetheart.

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