Meghan Markle Is Giving Out Free Copies Of Her Book After Initial Sales Disappoint

Meghan Markle plans to "nourish the community" by handing out free copies of her children's book "The Bench" which is about fathers and sons.

Earlier this week, we reported that Meghan Markle’s children’s book “The Bench” had flopped on the first day of its release, failing to even make the bestseller list in the United Kingdom. 

Her book debut failing to break into the British top 200 list on release day speaks volumes considering Kate Middleton’s photography book “Hold Still” skyrocketed to 2nd by its 2nd day on the list.

Now, Meghan has announced plans to hand out free copies of her book in order to “nourish our communities,” which just goes to show how narcissistic she really is. 

Meghan Wants To ‘Nourish Our Communities’

“As Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex’s debut children’s book, ‘The Bench,’ releases worldwide, she and her husband, Prince Harry, along with all of us at Archewell are taking a moment to recognize and support the amazing changemakers who are fostering community, compassion, and connection for every child,” Meghan and her husband Prince Harry said in a statement posted to their charity foundation Archewell’s website.

“After more than a year of unprecedented challenges for schoolkids and families everywhere, The Duchess believes the path ahead must include a focus on well-being—and nourishing our communities through food, education, and emotional and mental health support,” their statement continued. 

After an unprecedented of suffering amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, Meghan seems to think that the perfect way to “nourish communities” is to read her children’s book about fathers and their sons.

The book hasn’t gotten rave reviews either. One reviewer who formerly worked at a children’s publishing company, said, “It’s the right length. The pages of this hardback book are nicely large.” 

She went on, “Christian Robinson’s watercolour illustrations for The Bench are very lovely.” And added, “There is no story in The Bench. Nothing happens. It is a long list of disparate statements.”

“There is none of the consistency a picture book needs to have, so that the child is clear about who is who. On one page the father figure is called “papa”. On another page he’s suddenly “daddy,” she pointed out.

And, lastly, she remarked about the ending, “Where you’ll never be ’lone? Does Meghan mean “alone”? Why change the word? It’s not even as if chopping off a character makes some awful rhyme. It does nothing. The book ends with a word that isn’t a proper word, which I guess is kind of fitting, as it’s not a proper picture book.”

“Right there on your bench
The place you’ll call home…
With daddy and son…
Where you’ll never be ’lone.”

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Meghan Handing Out Free Copies Of Her Book

“The Duchess and Archewell have received the support of the publisher of ‘The Bench’ to distribute 2,000 copies at no cost to libraries, community centers, schools, and nonprofit programs across the country,” the statement read. 

“Those receiving free copies include vital organizations like Assistance League® of Los Angeles, which has served the local community for more than 100 years and which The Duke and Duchess visited twice last year to spend time with the children at the organization’s Preschool Learning Center,” it added. 

Given the fact that nobody seems to be buying her book, perhaps Meghan could find it in her heart to “nourish” the world by handing out even more free copies.

Accused Of Hypocrisy For Writing Book About Fathers

This comes after various people pointed out the irony about Meghan writing a book about fathers when she hasn’t talked to her own father in years.

And, when she has contributed to the rift between her husband and his father Prince Charles.

“It’s very easy to talk about relationships between fathers and sons when they are two years old,” royal biographer Penny Junor told The Sun. “But problems come when the children are older — as Meghan found out with her father and Harry with Prince Charles.”

Backstory: Piers Morgan Calls Out Meghan Markle For Her ‘Staggering Hypocrisy’ After She Pens Children’s Book Celebrating Fathers

Angela Levin, who wrote a biography of Harry and personally interviewed him for it many times, agreed with this assessment.

“Once again we have the hypocrisy of Meghan and Harry saying one thing but not doing it themselves,” she said. “I don’t know how you can write about a boy, a son or a father, when you haven’t spoken to your own father for years. It is extraordinary.”

The hypocrisy and narcissism of Meghan and Harry never ceases to amaze.

The British people really lucked out when they left the U.K., because it is certainly not fun having them in our neck of the woods.

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