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Colby Covington Laughs Off Kamaru Usman’s Title-Fight Remarks

As far as Colby Covington is concerned, he is the No. 1 contender to UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman and not Leon Edwards.

As far as Colby Covington is concerned, he is the No. 1 contender to UFC welterweight champion Kamaru Usman.

Covington was a guest on “Submission Radio” recently to discuss the title-fight picture, comments made by both Usman and Leon Edwards, and more. 

Check out highlights from the interview below: 

On Nate hurting Leon Edwards in the fifth round

“I think that’s hilarious. I think Edwards Scissorhands, he’s out here claiming to be this god and he’s ready for a title shot. Dude, you’re struggling with a lightweight journeyman who has double-digit losses on his record, and this guy is almost finishing you? And you think you need to be in a title shot? That guy needs to go win ten more fights or 20 more fights if he can’t get by Nate Diaz like that. The guy’s a Stockton soy boy. He’s been finished by everybody. The guy has no gas left in the tank. He’s even saying himself he has no motivation left to fight. So, if you’re struggling with a guy like Nate Diaz, there’s no way you belong anywhere close to a world title fight.”

On Usman saying “no one deserves” the title shot

“I make of those comments that Marty Juiceman, the CEO of EPO, he’s desperate. He’s so desperate that he fled the country. He fled the country to somewhere off-grid so he can turn his plane on airplane mode and not have to answer calls from Hunter Campbell and Dana White, because he knows he needs to sign that contract against me. So, I know he’s never been to Africa and he wants to claim like this is his first time going to Africa and he’s going back to give love to his country and this and that. The guy’s never been to Africa. He was born in Dallas, Texas. He went to college in Nebraska. He’s trying to save face and act like he’s Nigerian, go to Africa, act like he’s an African, this and that. But, he’s desperate. He’s running and hiding and he’s not answering the calls from the UFC to get this contract signed between me and him.”

The thing about Marty Usman is, he doesn’t move the needle. The only needle that he moves is the needle that moves to his butt when he injects steroids in himself. So, the thing is that Marty, he’s not the matchmaker for the UFC. The matchmaker is Hunter Campbell, Dana White, all the high-ups, in the UFC, Ari Emanuel, whoever they want to decide. So, I don’t know why a fighter is trying to act like a matchmaker. If you claim to be this GOAT, this pound-for-pound great, all this stuff, you don’t pick who you fight. You fight who the UFC puts in front of you. You fight who the people want you to fight. The people want this fight. They want Usman-Covington round 2. This unfinished business. There’s a lot of controversy from the first fight. The score needs to be settled. He wasn’t complaining when he was getting his easy paychecks with these welterweight washouts in Dilbert and Street Judas, the fragile guy. But now he’s trying to find any excuse in the book not to rematch me, the guy that’s the number-one contender, the guy with the number-one next to his name. The guy that’s America’s champ, Donald Trump’s favorite fighter. I don’t take much into what Marty says. Everybody knows how fake he is as it is. The guy has no charisma. He has as much charisma as the wet mop in my house. So, who cares what Marty says? It’s all about what Dana White and Hunter Campbell say.”

Why Leon Edwards needs to fight Masvidal next

“Yeah, it makes sense. I didn’t watch the fights last night, but after you guys were telling me the breakdown of how the fight played out last night, that’s not a title shot-worthy performance. You need to go out there and solidify yourself as one of the top fighters in the world. And by beating a guy with double-digit losses in the Stockton soy boy Nate Diaz, not by finishing him, that doesn’t earn you a title shot. So yeah, it makes sense. He should go out there and fight another guy. Go fight the fragile guy, ‘Street Judas’ Masvidal. That makes sense. They have the history. Street Judas sucker punched him backstage. Let them fight. So, it makes sense. I agree.”

Colby confirms that he’ll give Usman an immediate rematch for a trilogy if he beats him for the title

“Absolutely. I want my trilogy. I’ve told the UFC since day one, there will be a sequel and there will be a trilogy. I’m not gonna have any stones unturned. I want this fight and the fans, the people, to know who the best fighter in the world is. And that’s by me solidifying myself as the greatest fighter, and not just beating him once, but going out there and beating him twice and proving it. He hasn’t proved it yet. So, that’s why I’m asking for this rematch. Because I want him to prove it. If he’s the best, prove that you’re the best. But I’m going to go out there and I’m gonna prove I’m the best next fight. And if he want’s another fight with me, honestly guys, I don’t think he’s going to want another fight after what I do to him this next fight. I’m a completely different, evolved fighter with my new team at Colby Covington Incorporated.”

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