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Barack and Michelle Obama announced this week that their latest venture in the world of entertainment world is an animated Netflix series that aims to “teach” children about government. The Obamas are the executive producers of the series.

As you can imagine, this series is likely going to be more of an effort to indoctrinate American children with Barack and Michelle’s radically liberal views about government.

‘We The People’ To Teach Kids About Government

Entertainment Tonight reported that “We the People” is set to premiere on the streaming service on the Fourth of July.

It is a 10-episode series that will combine “music and animation to educate a new generation of young Americans about the power of the people.”

Each episode will feature three-minute music videos that will cover various lessons in U.S. civics.

The videos will be set to music from several A-list artists who signed on to the project, including, H.E.R., Janelle Monáe, Brandi Carlile, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Adam Lambert, Cordae, Bebe Rexha, KYLE, Andra Day and poet Amanda Gorman.

Check out a trailer for the show below:

Netflix Gushes Over The Show

“‘We the People’ is an exuberant call to action for everyone to rethink civics as a living, breathing thing and to reframe their understanding of what government and citizenship mean in a modern world,” Netflix added in a statement. 

The Obamas are producing this show through their Higher Grounds Productions company along with “Doc McStuffins” writer Chris Nee.

Kenya Barris, Tonia Davis and Priya Swaminathan will serve as executive producers as well.

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Obamas’ Netflix Deal

In 2019, the Obamas opened up about their production company and their multi-million dollar deal with Netflix. 

“Higher Ground is a reflection of both of us,” Michelle said, according to Vanity Fair. “So that means that our platform is gonna look a little bit like everything, just like the world is a little bit of everything.”

“We want people to be able to get outside of themselves, and experience and understand the lives of somebody else, which is what a good story does,” Barack added. “It helps all of us feel some sort of solidarity with each other.”

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We See Right Through This

In reality, the Obamas are just shamelessly trying to use the entertainment world to force their radical views on as many people as possible.

Making this happen wasn’t hard for them, given how much Hollywood has fawned over them both for years.

With their latest series, the Obamas are taking things a step further by going for our children and trying to indoctrinate them from an early age with their radicalism.