“I don’t think Tim got a complete fair shot in the because most of the coaches were saying, ‘We need the prototypical NFL quarterback,'” Taylor said while appearing on the “All Things Covered with Patrick Peterson & Bryant McFadden.” “And he’s not that. That was just before the zone reads and the offenses changed up.”

“And I think if Tim had been able to hold on long enough to have those offenses come to fruition, and develop them as they have been the past couple years, I think you would have saw a better quarterback,” he continued. 

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As this news continues to spread, there will undoubtedly be outrage from some on the left that a white Christian like Tebow is being given another shot in the NFL while the “woke” Colin Kaepernick has yet to be signed by another team following his anthem protests.

Hopefully the Jaguars stay strong in the face of any backlash they may receive for this decision, and they don’t back down to any leftists who are hellbent on taking Tim Tebow down.