Tim Tebow Attacked For ‘White Privilege’ After The Christian Athlete’s NFL Return On Jaguars Is Announced

Tim Tebow Jaguars NFL comeback sign Jacksonville

New reports are coming in stating that Christian professional athlete Tim Tebow is about to make his NFL comeback as the Jacksonville Jaguars prepare to sign him for a one-year deal.

NFL’s Jaguars Expected To Sign Tim Tebow

Tebow is reportedly about to be signed to a one year deal as a quarterback with the Jaguars following a six year hiatus from the NFL.

During that time, he started a new career playing professional baseball for the New York Mets. 

A true athlete – Tebow’s baseball career started on a high with a homerun in his first professional at-bat against the St. Louis Cardinals in 2016. That was the same fall that the devout Christian made headlines by rushing to personally aid a fan in the stands having a seizure.

Earlier this year, Tebow retired after 5 years as a minor leaguer for the Mets.

Now, it looks like the 33-year-old is poised for a big NFL return!

As the news broke, sportscaster Rob Parker called Tebow is a “loser”. Parker then doubled down by saying that he was only able to get a tryout with the Jaguars because of “white privilege.”

Tim Tebow’s Return Dubbed ‘The Ultimate ‘White Privilege”

After it was reported last week that Tebow had scored a tryout with the Jaguars, Parker had this to say:

I think it’s the ultimate ‘White Privilege.’ This guy has failed in the NFL – he can’t play. I know he played for Urban Meyer in college, I get that, but so have a lot of other people. Where is Chris Leak’s tryout at tight end?? This is typical. The Mets gave him a roster spot when he hadn’t played baseball in a decade. Nobody just gets a roster spot.

It ain’t just me, other Mets Minor Leaguers bellyached about it, that he was given special treatment. I have nothing against his religious beliefs, he’s a devout Christian, that’s all great and nice, I have no issues with that, but he’s NO GOOD. Why do people keep giving this guy chances when he doesn’t deserve it?? Josh Gordon got tryouts because he can play.

Guys bend over backwards for guys who can play. Tim Tebow couldn’t make a 15-yard pass consistently… Tim Tebow is a FAILURE on the pro level, Tim Tebow is a LOSER.”

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You can watch Rob Parker’s rant about Tebow in the video below.

Launching His NFL Comeback

The Jaguars, however, clearly don’t think that Tim Tebow is a loser.

Coach Urban Meyer has confirmed that Tebow did indeed recently work out with the team.

Fred Taylor, the Jaguars’ career rushing leader, also recently opened up about Tebow’s previous career in the NFL. Taylor indicated that he feels the former QB turned TE has more potential than some would think.

“I don’t think Tim got a complete fair shot in the because most of the coaches were saying, ‘We need the prototypical NFL quarterback,'” Taylor said while appearing on the “All Things Covered with Patrick Peterson & Bryant McFadden.” “And he’s not that. That was just before the zone reads and the offenses changed up.”

“And I think if Tim had been able to hold on long enough to have those offenses come to fruition, and develop them as they have been the past couple years, I think you would have saw a better quarterback,” he continued. 

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As this news continues to spread, there will undoubtedly be outrage from some on the left that a white Christian like Tebow is being given another shot in the NFL while the “woke” Colin Kaepernick has yet to be signed by another team following his anthem protests.

Hopefully the Jaguars stay strong in the face of any backlash they may receive for this decision, and they don’t back down to any leftists who are hellbent on taking Tim Tebow down.