Tim Allen Last Man Standing finale final days

The series finale of the beloved sitcom “Last Man Standing” is set to air on Thursday night, and star Tim Allen could not help but become a bit emotional as he discussed the most “humbling” thing about the show’s success. 

Tim Allen Talks ‘Last Man Standing’ Coming To An End

While appearing on “The Talk” with his co-star Nancy Travis, Allen admitted that his “pulse rate went up” when he was asked about the loyalty fans have shown to “Last Man Standing” over the past decade.


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“My pulse rate just went up,” a visibly emotional Allen said. “It’s been an amazing journey, especially from the people, the fans … You do it for the audience, that’s why we do what we do. To have them come back with such vigor, literally, it was overwhelming, humbling is what it was.

“We thought ‘no way’ and they showed up when we came back on Fox,” he continued. “It was a whole group we honored , an amazing group of men and women and kids and families. It really is hard to describe how humbling it was and to sit there (and see it) what can you say?”

Tim Allen’s Onscreen Wife Nancy Travis Feels The Same Way

Travis, who played Allen’s level-headed wife on the “Last Man Standing”, feels similarly.

“It is an extraordinary thing,” she said. “Believe me when I say we’re also filled with gratitude. In this business … to have a steady job for that long is very uncommon. You get used to each other and your affections grow for each other.”

“And you care about each other,” Travis continued. “And as actors and as characters, we are all together to witness life changes and daily things come and go.”

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Final Days Filming ‘Last Man Standing’ Get Emotional

In another interview with Fox News, Allen talked about how emotional the final days of filming were.

“Our prop guy said, ‘Which of these did you want to take?’ and it was pictures of the family from the hallway that was going away,” Allen remembered. “I walked in and looked at Nancy and [I’m] literally surprised I got through that scene.”

“She really looked at me [and said], ‘Are you OK?’ and I was not OK,” he confessed. 

Allen even had the crew make him a model of the show’s set, just so he’ll never forget it. 

“I’ve got all these pictures of the cast and I haven’t put them up because it’s a bit too soon still to me,” he added.

Tim Allen Has ‘Never Been More Impressed’ With A Show

Despite working in film and television for decades, Tim Allen has never enjoyed working on a set more than he did on “Last Man Standing.” 

That says a lot coming from the iconic “Home Improvement” lead.

“I’ve done this a lot,” said Allen. “I’ve never been more impressed with camera, directing, crew, lighting, sound and a staff – no conflict of egos.”

While it’s certainly sad for fans to see “Last Man Standing” go, at least it gave us all ten years of laughs and memories that we will never forget.

Tune in to see the final episode of “Last Man Standing” this Thursday, 5/20/2021, at 9pm on FOX. 

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