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Ozzy Osbourne spoke out on Monday to defend his wife Sharon after the controversy and subsequent exit from “The Talk” back in March. 

He Defends His Wife 

Ozzy, 72, said on his SiriusXM show Ozzy Speaks that Sharon’s “weathered the storm” but that it was  still “unpleasant.”

“She’s been through the mill of it and, you know, all I can tell you if my wife was slightly racist, I’ll tell you she’s possibly the most unracist person I’ve ever met. And I’m not just saying that,” he told his co-host Billy Morrison.

Morrison responded, “I would totally concur. I’ve known you guys for 25 years and, it stunned me when it started happening. I just [think] there’s other stuff underneath it. Cause she’s not racist. It’s simple as that.”

Sharon’s Controversy On ‘The Talk’

Ozzy went on to say that Sharon has been left “devastated” following this controversy, which started when she defended her friend Piers Morgan from claims that he is racist simply for criticizing Meghan Markle.

Sharon ended up having a fiery exchange with her “The Talk” cohost Sheryl Underwood as the situation escalated on live television.

“I feel like I’m about to be put in the electric chair because I have a friend who many people think is racist, so that makes me a racist … for me, at 68 years of age, to have to turn around and say, ‘I ain’t racist, what’s it gotta do with me?'” Sharon said on the show. 

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CBS announced at the end of March that Sharon was leaving the daytime program.

“Sharon’s behavior toward her co-hosts during the March 10 episode did not align with our values for a respectful workplace,” the network said in a statement, according to Daily Mail.

“She was like, ‘Why are they saying this about me?'” Ozzy said yesterday of her reaction.

Difficult To Shake Accusations Of Racism

Ozzy then addressed the fact that once the “woke” leftwing mob has accused someone of racism, it’s difficult for the person to shake that label.

“It’s still an unpleasant issue … it’s one of them things once you’re accused of it, people tar you with that brush and it’s very hard to shake off,” he said, though he added that Sharon has since “weathered the storm” and is “marching on.”

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What happened to Sharon has to be one of the most terrifying examples of cancel culture being out of control yet.

The woman didn’t even say anything remotely racist herself. She instead simply defended a friend from accusations of racism, yet this was enough to get her “cancelled.”

We applaud Ozzy for publicly standing by his wife, as after what happened to her, doing so could clearly get him “cancelled” as well.

In the end, Ozzy’s latest comments show that he is just as devoted to his wife as ever, cancel culture be damned. 

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