Olympics Ban Black Lives Matter Apparel And Anthem Protests

The IOC banned National Anthem protests and the wearing of Black Lives Matter and other political apparel at the Tokyo Olympics.

The Tokyo Olympics is bringing the hammer down on protests at this Summer’s events. Protests have become a focal point for many athletic events but they will be banned at the Olympics. This includes kneeling during the National Anthem and wearing Black Lives Matter apparel. 

The International Olympic Committee wants the focus is to be on sports rather than protests. While divisive protests are banned, unifying messages such as “peace,” “respect,” “solidarity,” “inclusion,” and “equality” are acceptable.

Olympics May Issue Punishments If Athletes Protest

Athletes who violate this ban on “demonstration or political, religious or racial propaganda” could face punishment. However, the IOC has not said what kinds of punishments athletes would face. And, they would treat them on a case-by-case basis.

This is a much different environment than many athletes have experienced.

Many American sports have rolled out the red carpet to include protests at games.

Teams have even incorporated Black Lives Matter apparel onto their uniforms.

But, the athletes will be on the world stage this summer and have to play by the IOC’s rules. 

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A statement from the International Olympic Committee makes it clear that protests will not be tolerated.

The Tokyo Olympics were delayed a year because of the pandemic. And, spectators do not want to be served political agendas as they watch sports.

We’ve waited five years for this and it isn’t to be diluted with activist talking points. 

Take a look:

Olympics Concerned About Risks

“The IOC AC is very concerned about the risk of politicisation of the athletes and the risk that athletes may be put under external pressure,” the IOC’s statement read. “It is important to protect athletes from the potential consequences of being placed in a position where they may be forced to take a public position on a particular domestic or international issue, regardless of their beliefs.”

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However, not everyone is thrilled with this rule and have taken to social media to let it be known.

But, others agree completely.

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Ratings Down

NFL ratings were down seven percent last season. Surveys point to protests during the game led people to change the channel.

With the Olympics removing activism from the games this summer, sports fans might be more willing to tune in. 

Many people watch sports to help them relieve their minds of the stress of the day. They aren’t looking to be lectured by woke athletes. They want sports politics free. 

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