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An English comedian who hosts a game show in the United Kingdom is in hot water this week after he dared to tell a joke that was at the expense of Meghan Markle, the controversial wife of Prince Harry.

Comedian Makes Joke About Meghan

Alan Carr is a 44-year-old comedian who hosts the ITV game show “Epic Gameshow,” and this controversy began on Saturday night’s episode.

The Mirror reported that as the contestants got ready to play what is known as the Bullseye segment of the show, Carr asked one contestant what her nickname was going to be for the game. When the female contestant replied “the Queen of the palace.” Carr could not help but take a dig at Meghan.

“I think that’s the nickname Meghan had her heart set on, and look how that turned out,” Carr joked with his eyebrows raised. “What’s she like?

Carr Gets Backlash

The joke may seem harmless enough, but not in the eyes of Meghan’s “woke” fans who view any criticism of her or joke at her expense as a racist attack. 

“Alan Carr is a funny man, there’s no denying that. But he’s gone too far with that Meghan Markle comment after all that she’s come to reveal recently,” one outraged fan tweeted, with another adding, “Epic Gameshow, really? Making snide remarks about Meghan Markle. Are we still on this subject? That’s actually annoyed me.”

“For the love of God why is Alan Carr bashing Meghan Markle before 9pm?” a third livid Meghan fan wrote. Another said that Carr should “apologize” because Meghan is “human too.”

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Fans Defend Carr

Thankfully, there are still people out there who actually have a sense of humor, and they were quick to defend Carr.

“Alan Carr is one quick man with that Meghan Markle jibe. Genius man,” one fan commented. 

Another gave all the Meghan fans the wakeup call they needed by writing, “Why is everyone complaining so much? It was a joke. He’s a comedian. That’s literally his job people.”

Since stepping down as a senior royal last year, Meghan has essentially been trying to make a career out of both being “woke” and being a “victim.”

She made that clear in an interview with Oprah Winfrey in March, when she accused the royal family of racism and claimed that they made her so miserable that she was suicidal.

Since then, people like Piers Morgan and Sharon Osbourne have been cancelled by radically liberal mobs who take any attack or criticism of Meghan as a sign of “racism.”

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It’s humor. He’s a comedian. But, there is no humor allowed in the world of ‘woke’ liberals.

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