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Over the past few weeks, rumors have swirled that Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey is planning to run for governor of Texas. While many social media users have expressed excitement about this, shock jock radio host Howard Stern revealed this week that he thinks it’s a bad idea for one reason.

McConaughey Talks Potential Governor Run

First, check out McConaughey talking about potentially running for governor below.

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Stern Sounds Off On McConaughey Running

On Tuesday’s episode of his radio show, Stern addressed the rumors that McConaughey and fellow Hollywood star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson ware planning to run for office.

He doesn’t think either of them should do it. You might remember that Howard Stern ran for governor of New York in 1994.

But, he withdrew after he refused to disclose his personal finances.  So, maybe he’s onto something.

“You know what it is with these guys is that they don’t understand, once you run for office, you actually have to give an opinion,” Stern said, according to the New York Daily News.

Stern then brought up a recent poll that showed that McConaughey could actually win a gubernatorial race in Texas.

He pointed out that voters might like the idea of a “delightful” and charismatic star like McConaughey being their governor. But, they don’t actually know where he stands on most issues. And, they may change their minds once they find out. 

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Stern specifically believes that McConaughey will run into trouble in Texas as soon as he’s asked about gun control. Stern thinks that is when he will inevitably anger one side or the other.

“As soon as he answers that, half of Texas is going to take him and throw him out a window,” Stern said.

McConaughey called gun violence an epidemic in 2018. And, he said that he would support some gun measures, However, he added that “The two sides (have) got to talk.” 

Stern Brings Up The Rock 

Stern thinks that The Rock will run into similar issues as McConaughey.

While he described The Rock as “a lovely guy” who is “the most non-controversial human being,” Stern pointed out that even the former WWE wrestler’s charisma won’t be able to save him once he has to actually give straight answers on various issues. 

“People in the military assume The Rock is pro-military,” Stern said. “People in the police force believe The Rock is a law and order guy. People who are Trumpy believe The Rock really secretly loves Trump. The people who are liberals are going ‘You know what? The Rock is with us.’”

Stern added that as soon as he has to give an opinion on an issue like abortion, “Oops! Suddenly people don’t like The Rock.”

We don’t always agree with Stern, particularly not these days, but he may be right about this one.

Perhaps McConaughey and The Rock should heed his advice before they throw their hats in the political arena. 

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