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Last week, we reported that former Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow had launched his NFL comeback by signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars as a quarterback.

The backlash was immediate, as the “woke” brigade took issue with the fact that Tebow is being given the chance to play in the NFL again when their precious Colin Kaepernick is not.

Burton Defends Tebow 

Now, NFL star Trey Burton is taking a stand for Tebow, saying that he just doesn’t get all the backlash his comeback has generated. 

“I don’t understand the outrage,” said Burton, according to ESPN. “There are 90 [roster] spots. If they want to bring someone in, why not? A lot of teams take fliers on guys from various backgrounds every year.”

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Burton’s NFL Background

Burton and Tebow have quite a lot in common. They each signed with coach Urban Meyer to play quarterback for the Florida Gators at the University of Florida.

Meyer felt that Burton was too athletic to be a benchwarmer, so he advised him to make the switch to being a tight end. 

The change of positions worked. Though Burton went undrafted after college in 2014, he soon signed with the Philadelphia Eagles as a tight end and played an instrumental role in the team winning the Super Bowl as the passer on the legendary “Philly Special” touchdown.

Burton would go on to sign a four-year, $32 million deal with the Chicago Bears before the beginning of the 2018 season, and these days, he’s a free agent.

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Burton Wants Tebow To Be Given A Chance

All of these experiences have given Burton a unique insight into what Tebow will face when trying to make the transition from quarterback to tight end.

He said that the most difficult part of the change is “learning how to hit every single day” with proper hand placement.

“From an athletic and mental standpoint, there’s no doubt he’ll do a great job,” Burton said emphatically. “It’s the day-to-day physical part, the technique that’s the toughest thing.”

He added, “As a quarterback, you’re in the pocket looking into coverage. At tight end, you know the coverages but you have to go full speed in a three-point stance and diagnose. You see the linebacker, the defensive end and the safety on your side of the field. … There’s a lot more to it than whether he can do it or not. It’s deeper than that.”

In the end, Burton is just hoping that Tebow will get a shot to show the world what he’s got. It’s been nearly a decade since Tebow’s last regular-season game.

“I really hope he does well. I love what he’s about, how he plays the game,” Burton said. “There’s no doubt in the world, he’s the type of guy to try and defy the odds. You say he can’t do it, well, he’s going to give it all that he has.”

The backlash against Tebow has been completely unwarranted, and few people have had the guts to publicly defend him and therefore risk backlash from the “woke” mob for themselves.

Good for Burton for being brave enough to come to Tebow’s defense, and to urge people to give the guy a chance. 

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