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Candace Cameron Bure is known as one of the most wholesome and Christian actresses in Hollywood, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t seen her fair share of struggles in life.

She opened up recently to reveal how God helped her overcome an eating disorder that she developed after “Full House” ended.


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Bure Opens Up About Her Eating Disorder

Cameron Bure told SELF that her issues with food started when she moved to Canada with her former professional hockey player husband Valeri Bure.

Suddenly, Cameron Bure found herself in a new country, isolated from her family and no longer acting.

“I really had kind of lost that sense of who I was because I placed so much value in myself as not only a friend and daughter but as an actress having worked for so many years,” she recalled. 

Distraught, Cameron Bure turned to binge eating and then purging. As this became worse and worse, Cameron Bure finally decided to confide in her pastor about her bulimia. 

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Bure’s Faith Gets Her Through 

“She showed me the path,” Cameron Bure said, adding that her Christian faith is what turned things around for her. “As I was seeking God in that recovery process, it also really grounded my foundation and roots within my faith, which ultimately grew my character. It’s why I am the person I am today.”

“For me, it was really a spiritual awakening and came down to my relationship and my faith in God and putting my faith into the forefront of my relationship with food,” she added. 

Since her recovery, Cameron Bure has become an ambassador work for the Eating Recovery Center. She works with the organization to increase eating disorder awareness and give help to those who are struggling. 

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Bure’s Clothing Line 

Cameron Bure has also launched a clothing line, Candace Cameron Bure Clothing, which makes a point of inclusive sizing. 

“We range from XXS to 5X,” Cameron Bure said on PA Live. “So this is for every woman to feel beautiful and comfortable and confident in.”

When asked if there was any clothing in her line that she’d choose for her Hallmark TV character Aurora Teagarden to wear, Cameron Bure replied, “There’s actually some that are coming in the fall. There’s some amazing coats that I’m definitely gonna have Aurora wear.”

Cameron Bure is one of the few women in Hollywood who can actually serve as a good role model for young girls everywhere.

God bless her for being so open with her struggles in the hopes of helping other young people who may be suffering.

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