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Last night, viewers tuned into what is now being described as the “woke-est” Academy Awards ceremony ever. And, British television personality Piers Morgan is slamming the Oscars for going full “woke” and being completely devoid of fun.

Morgan Blasts ‘Woke’ Awards

In a column for Daily Mail, Morgan described the ceremony as a “grim, soulless three-hour ordeal that was the complete opposite of what Hollywood’s biggest night is supposed to be about. I’d have been genuinely more entertained if I’d actually just watched trains coming and going.”

He went on to say that instead of acting as a form of escapism that would make viewers feel better and have some fun for one night after a truly awful year, this show did the exact opposite.

“The Oscars had one job after the whole world had endured a year of hell with the coronavirus pandemic: make us feel better,” Morgan explained. “The fact it made us all feel slightly worse by the end is an almost miraculously bad achievement worthy of winning an award itself. Everything about it stank.”‘

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Morgan Acknowledges Why Oscars Were So Bad

The Oscars had no host to crack jokes this year, nor did it include any musical or comedic acts.

Instead, it featured political lecture after political lecture from Hollywood stars and personalities who all seemed to be trying to “out-woke” one another. 

“We were treated to a breathtakingly boring procession of self-indulgent heavily scripted actors delivering supremely virtuous identity-politics speeches,” Morgan lamented. 

He then called out actress Regina King for saying at one point in the show, “I know a lot of you people at home want to reach for your remote when you feel like Hollywood is preaching to you.”

“Yes, we do,” Morgan fired back, “which is why Oscars’ ratings have collapsed in recent years as the woke lectures have increased in both volume and scale of sanctimony. But that didn’t stop Regina, who wanted us to know that if the George Floyd trial verdict had gone the wrong way in Minnesota last week ‘I may have traded in my heels for marching boots.'”

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Morgan Thinks The Oscars Are Dead

Piers Morgan believes that after last night, the Oscars as we knew them are totally dead.

“The tragic truth is that the Oscars as we know it died last night – woked to death by a craven collective desire from those involved to preach not entertain, to lecture rather than make us laugh, and to virtue-signal instead of perform,” he wrote.

“Just when we all needed cheering up, and craved a dash of desperately needed escapism, the entertainment capital of the world tipped a gigantic barrel of misery-fluid out of screens to make us all feel just a little bit sadder,” Morgan added.

“The Hollywood Dream morphed into a Hollywood Nightmare,” he concluded about what happened last night. “And by deliberately crashing the entertainment express into the sidings of Woke Central Station, Hollywood made the Oscars a howling train-wreck.”

Perhaps the legendary British actress Joan Collins said it best when she said that the show “was very serious tonight, it didn’t look like anybody was having much fun, except the winners.”

It seems that nobody had any fun watching the show either.

Hollywood leftists have made that impossible with their “wokeness,” and it really is a damn shame. 

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