MMA Fighter Who Lost Finger Back To Training Already

How tough is Khetag Pilev? Well, just days after having his finger reattached, he is already back to training.

The name might not strike a note with fight fans, but Pilev was the person who made headlines when he lost a finger during his match at Cage Fury Fighting Championship earlier this month.

Despite taking place on April Fool’s Day, there was no joke to this scary event.

Pliev was battling Devin Goodale on UFC Fight Pass when cameras caught his hand minus a finger. The 37-year-old had it reattached at a local hospital hours later when the finger was found in his glove.

His coach, Joey Patterson, explained to MMA Fighting that “when he got the takedown, (Goodale) reaches under and grabs his glove and starts pulling illegally on his glove, causing Khetag’s finger to lodge.” 

Patterson added that when the two came to their feet, Pilev threw a punch with his finger already bent, which “caused the finger to sever.”

Pilev is attempting to cash-in on his toughness, telling TMZ Sports that he would like a shot in the UFC. He also stated after the bout with Goodale that he wanted to keep fighting because “I felt like I had this guy.”

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