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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers kicked off his two week stint guest hosting the game show “Jeopardy!” on Monday night. And, much to his surprise, he ended up being hilariously trolled by a contestant during the Final Jeopardy round.

Rodgers Gets Trolled By Contestant

When it came time for Final Jeopardy, returning champion Scott Shewfelt had no idea what the answer was, so he decided to write down his own personal question for Rodgers as his response.

“Who wanted to kick that field goal?” Shewfelt wrote.

A visibly amused Rodgers responded, “That is a good question. Should be correct, but unfortunately for this game today, that’s incorrect.”

The Backstory Behind The Troll

The New York Post reported that Shewfelt was referring to a controversial moment in the NFC Championship Game against the Buccaneers, when Packers coach Matt LaFleur decided to kick a field goal on fourth down within the 10 yard line instead of going for it.

There were just 2:09 minutes left on the clock, and the Packers were down 31-23 at the time, making LaFleur’s decision to do this baffling to say the least.

The call backfired hard as it took the ball out of Rodgers’ hands for the rest of the game, allowing Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady to seal the win for the Buccaneers by converting a couple first downs.

Rodgers made no secret of the fact that he disagreed with his coach’s call. After the game he said “it wasn’t my decision.”

Rodgers’ had teased that there would be an entertaining moment in his first “Jeopardy” episode. Before it aired, he told ESPN to “wait until you see the first show and what the returning champion wrote.” 

Rodgers ‘Would Love’ To Host ‘Jeopardy!’ Permanently

Rodgers clearly had a blast hosting “Jeopardy!,” and when asked if he would consider hosting the show permanently, he emphatically replied, “I would love to be host of ‘Jeopardy!’ Yes.” 

“I’m not shy at all about saying I want the job,” he added, before explaining why he would not “need to give up football to do it.” 

“They film 46 days a year,” he said. “I worked 187 this year in Green Bay. That gives me …178 days to do ‘Jeopardy!’ So I feel like I could fit 46 into that 178 and make it work.” 

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He Pays Tribute To Trebek

As he opened Monday night’s episode, Rodgers made a point of paying tribute to the late great “Jeopardy!” host Alex Trebek. Trebek passed away back in November at the age of 80 following a battle with pancreatic cancer.

“As a lifelong fan of Jeopardy! it is an incredible honor to guest host,” Rodgers said seconds after taking the game show stage.

“Now, I’ve had the opportunity to do a lot of amazing things, but winning Celebrity Jeopardy! and getting to share the stage with the legend Alex Trebek is something I will never forget.”

Rodgers appeared on “Celebrity Jeopardy!” in 2015, winning the game and $50,000 for charity.

“Alex was such a gentleman. So smart, so precise, I was in awe,” he added. “And I will work hard to honor his legacy.”

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How Aaron Rodgers Prepared To Host Jeopardy!

Rodgers watched many, many episodes of Jeopardy! in preparation as guest host for Jeopardy! 

He said in a phone interview with ESPN, “Luckily Netflix has a few seasons, and I went back to DVR. But I had to watch from a different perspective — from Alex’s perspective. I couldn’t watch it as a fan anymore.”

Rodgers took a lot of notes on the shows he watched. He said, I wrote down how he would respond if they didn’t get it right. I wrote down beat points of the show. I wrote down all the different ways he would take it to break. I wrote down the stuff that he said coming out of break. Literally, I studied for this like no other. I wanted to absolutely just crush it.”

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The producers appreciated Rodgers approach to hosting the show.

He shared, “One of the head producers said as much. She was like, ‘I’m just so appreciative of your approach.’ And my whole thing was I felt like the best way to honor Alex’s memory was to be so dialed in and so ready, and that’s the approach I took. So I was ready to rock and roll.”

And, fans reacted in much the same way:


Aaron Rodgers will be hosting the next nine episodes of “Jeopardy!” over the course of the next two weeks.

Tune in to see a very different side of him than the one we’re used to seeing on the football field!

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