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Candace Cameron Bure has been acting onscreen ever since she was a child starring on the sitcom “Full House.”

But, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still get nervous when it comes time for one of her new movies or television shows to premiere!

Bure Opens Up About Anxiety In Candid Interview

In a candid new interview, the 44-year-old mother of three admitted that she feels so much pressure to deliver high ratings for her Hallmark Christmas movies that she actually made herself sick to her stomach when the last one premiered. 

“I worry all the time about my movies. I actually got sick to my stomach on this last Christmas movie that aired in November because I’ve created an anxiety for myself,” Bure said while appearing on “The Call to Mastery” podcast, referring to the movie If I Only Had Christmas.

“Because my movies have been the top-performing movie seven years in a row, and you know one day, you’re going to slide off that pedestal,” she added. 

Check out some behind-the-scenes moments filming If I Only Had Christmas below:

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Bure’s Success At Hallmark

US Magazine reported that Bure starred in her first Hallmark Christmas movie Moonlight & Mistletoe alongside Tom Arnold back in 2008.

Ever since she starred in the 2013 Let It Snow, Bure has starred in a new Hallmark Christmas movie every single year.

While her movies have all been huge hits over the years, the success has led to pressure that is clearly getting to Bure.

“And so every year, it kind of makes me sicker and sicker every time I have a movie to come out because I’m like, ‘Is this going to be the year? Is this it?’” she confessed.

“And I had to have a come-to-Jesus moment with myself in 2020 because I thought, ‘Why are you doing this?’ Meaning, why are you making the movies? I had to bring it back to my why — my why that I set 12 years ago, coming back to the industry,” she continued. 

Ultimately, she loves acting and the connections she makes during filming, regardless of the ratings.

“I had to remind myself of my why and then let it go and just say, You know what, it doesn’t matter what those ratings are,” she added.

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She Claps Back At Hallmark Haters 

While Bure loves appearing in Hallmark movies, she also wants the world to know that making them takes hard work.

Last month, she clapped back at people who assume it’s easier to make Hallmark movies than other projects in the entertainment world. 

“I get that all the time. ‘How hard is it to be in a Hallmark movie?’” she’s said. “Like, ‘Can I be in a Hallmark movie?’ And I’m like, ‘Are you a professional actor?’ ‘No.’ ‘Then no, you cannot.’”

“You can be a background person, they’re called extras,” Bure added. “If you don’t have a speaking part, that’s easy. I can make that happen. If you have a speaking part, then we’re gonna have to make sure you can do the job.”

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Bure is one of the few Hollywood stars who makes no secret of being a proud Christian with wholesome views.

She may feel pressure to succeed in each of her Hallmark Christmas movies, but we hope she doesn’t stop making them anytime soon!

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