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Tim Allen and Richard Karn spent years starring together on the fictional show “Tool Time” in the beloved 1990s sitcom “Home Improvement.” Now, the two of them are reuniting for the History Channel reality show “Assembly Required,” which they say will be like a real-life version of “Tool Time.”

“Assembly Required”

The trailer gives you a peek inside what “Assembly Required” will be like with Allen and Karn’s and their endearing chemistry. Take a look:

In their new show, Allen and Karn will oversee contestants fixing up and refurbishing everyday household items. During press panel on Thursday, Allen and Karn discussed the chemistry that they have with each other onscreen. 

“When we started doing ‘Home Improvement,’ we had audiences watching ‘Tool Time’ that hadn’t seen the show at all,” Kern recalled. “Our relationship kind of happened before we knew what it was. We took our cues from audience reactions to us, but we didn’t know there was anything really outstanding about how we were playing off each other.”

He added that though he and Allen were just doing their jobs, “the writers were able to watch that and lean into it and write for it.”

Karns has also never forgotten that in their early days of working together, Allen confessed that he would “never be friends with Al” in real life. 

“We really weren’t in the same circle of friendship at that point, but they kept writing into it, leaning into it,” he said. “And as we got to know each other, I think that relationship just flowered.”

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Allen Praises Karn’s Professionalism

Allen spoke up to praise Karn as a “consummate professional and a genuinely calm-hearted person” that helped him transition into the live format of “Assembly Required.”

He added that the relationship that he has with Karn now is very similar to what it was during the “Home Improvement” days.

“This is the most unusual experience,” Allen said of filming their new show. “But [Karn] was able to bring it back down and be exactly like we were at ‘Tool Time.’ It’s amazing how this is an expansion of that relationship.”

Allen was the one who first started developing “Assembly Required.” He “never” thought of asking Karn to be involved until someone suggested that he do so.

“He jumped at the chance,” said “Last Man Standing” star Allen. “It became the two of us, kind of a live version of ‘Tool Time,’ if you will.”

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Filming This Show Was ‘Pretty Emotional’

Filming “Assembly Required” turned out to be a much more emotional experience than either of the two stars anticipated. 

“It got pretty emotional. I’m not a big fan of judging art or movies or anything, and this was really difficult because the interest and the dedication for these men and women was unbelievable,” Allen said. “However, we set the show up to have a winner and it got very difficult for me … to judge people.”

“Assembly Required” premieres on The History Channel on February 23.

We’ll certainly be tuning in to see Tim Allen and Richard Karn together again after 30 years!

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