Marie Osmond Opens Up About How Her ‘Faith’ Got Her Through A Tough Time – Says 2021 Is ‘A New Year’

Marie Osmond discusses how her strong Christian faith got her through challenging times in life and getting back to "living life" in 2021.

Marie Osmond is one of the few people in the entire entertainment industry who is unapologetically open about her devout Christian faith. In a new interview, the 61 year-old singer opened up about how her faith has gotten her through the tough times in life and will now carry her into 2021.

Marie Osmond Discusses Her Christian Faith

“You have a right to hate everyone on the planet for what they have done to you,” Osmond told Closer Weekly. “But faith teaches you to forgive and not let the past ruin your future. You move forward and find great joy in that.”

Osmond grew up the eighth of nine children, and as the only girl, in a Mormon family. From the time she was a small child, her mother instilled in her the importance of a positive attitude. 

“My mom preached positive attitude until I was like, ‘Mom, stop!’” she said as she laughed. “Thank God she did. You have to have hope, and that’s what faith does. Having faith is having a positive attitude.”

One of the most difficult moments in Osmond’s life came in 2005, when her house burned to the ground.

“I lost everything — a lot of my mother’s things, photos, memorabilia, statues, records,” she membered.

“I realized this home I had created was a façade to a marriage that wasn’t happy for 20 years,” she continued, referring to her former marriage to Brian Blosil. “It was one of those experiences where I felt like God was saying, ‘Believe in me and you’ll see what’s really important in life.’”

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Marie Osmond Stays Positive 

Other struggles Osmond has faced include a divorce and the suicide of one of her children. Many would end up bitter from these experiences, but not Osmond. 

“I believe that even with all the things I’ve been through, we are here in this existence to experience challenges,” she explained. “That’s how we grow.”

These days, Osmond is as busy as ever, and she even has a new symphonic album coming out.

“All of the hard work that I have put in, you wouldn’t know that it was ‘Paper Roses’ singing those songs,” Osmond said of how her voice has matured sing her 1973 hit song. “I’ve learned how to sing multiple genres.”

She’s also enjoying spending time with her husband and “best friend” Stephen, 63.

“We’ve raised all the kids, just dropped the last two off at college,” she said. 

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Hope For 2021

In the end, Marie Osmond’s faith and positive attitude have led her to believe that 2021 is going to be an incredible year. 

“I just think we really could use some joy,” she said. “Of course, be careful and be cautious, but we need to get back out there! We really need to get back to living life. It’s a new year!”

God bless you, Marie Osmond! 

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