Ben & Jerry's Colin Kaepernick

Days before the Super Bowl is set to take place in Tampa Bay, Florida, Ben & Jerry’s has unveiled a billboard and mural that honors former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. 

Ben & Jerry’s Unveils Kaepernick Billboard

Ben & Jerry’s revealed the massive billboard on Monday, which was the first day of Black History Month. The mural depicts Kaepernick with his fist in the air promoting his new non-dairy frozen dessert “Change the Whirled.” He collaborated with Ben & Jerry’s on the flavor. 

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There’s A Kaepernick Mural, Too

On Wednesday, Ben & Jerry’s honored Kaepernick once again with 30-foot-by-90-foot mural in Tampa that is dedicated to him.

The mural shows children wearing T-shirts that say things like “Power to the People” and “I Know My Rights.”

One of the children that is featured most prominently is wearing a shirt that shows Kaepernick raising his fist.

Ben & Jerry’s said in a statement that the children in the mural were, “Tampa youth alongside Know Your Rights Camp (KYRC) volunteers,” according to The Hill.

KYRC was founded by Kaepernick in 2016. The camp aims to fight racial injustice while also helping advance black and brown communities. 

Ben & Jerry’s added that the artist who created the mural was Brandan “BMike” Odums. He’s the same artist who did the artwork for Kaepernick’s new frozen dessert. 

Kaepernick ‘Was On The Right Side Of History’

“As we look back, it’s clear that Colin was on the right side of history,” said Chris Miller, who heads the company’s global activism department. “His pre-game protests were before George Floyd’s murder, before the 2020 summer of racial reckoning.”

Miller is referring to Kaepernick taking a knee during the national anthem before his games during the 2016 season to protest against racial injustice.

Apparently Miller has a time machine and has gone forward in time to see that Kaepernick was indeed “on the right side of history” in doing this.

He seems awfully confident about it in his statement! 

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“He knew a long time ago that we need to address the root causes of racism and the structures of our society that are so brutal to Black people,” Miller added. “We wanted to be part of the effort to honor Colin’s courage and legacy because we share the same values.” 

Ben & Jerry described the mural as “part of a larger effort to support locally owned businesses and community organizations and to contribute to the vibrancy of Old West Tampa.” 

It’s both absurd and offensive that Kaepernick continues to be rewarded for disrespecting our flag and our anthem with both fame and fortune.

The way Ben & Jerry’s is fawning over Kaepernick shows just how far our country has fallen culturally. And, how little patriotism is valued these days. 

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