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Mike Rowe became a household name during the seven years he hosted the show “Dirty Jobs,” which ended in 2012 but remains beloved to this day.

Now, Rowe launched a new show called “Six Degrees with Mike Rowe” in early January which can be watched the Discovery Channel’s subscription streaming service Discovery+. The goal of the program is to show people that we are way more connected than we think we are by taking a look at various moments in American history. 

Publicity for the program notes Rowe’s “wry sense of humor and candid, no-nonsense take” in linking “society’s most taken-for-granted moments to their surprising origins” and traces them to the modern world of today.

Rowe Discusses His New Show

Rowe sat down with Fox News to talk about why he felt the need to do this show now, at a time when tensions in America are at an all-time high.

“Well, look, what’s the famous old quote? Those who don’t know history are doomed to repeat it, or something like that,” Rowe said. “The more unsure the future looks, the more unsettled the present is, I think the more important the past becomes. And so we’re desperate today, I think, to find topics we can all agree on.” 

Like the “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” the show features how people’s paths cross and create something of lasting significance. Rowe also serves as an executive producer on the program.

The location manager for the show, Greg Fischer, said:

Rowe inserts himself in these reenactments to give a “rest of the story” type twist reminiscent of the old Paul Harvey radio program.

From a news release:

Mike transports himself back in time to some of the most major moments in history and connects the dots between these events – revealing incredible stories along the way. With his wry sense of humor and candid, no-nonsense take, Mike links society’s most taken-for-granted moments to their surprising origins and connects them to the modern world of today.

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Mike Rowe’s new show is already drawing raves:

And, enjoying the bloopers, too.

Rowe Relates New Show To ‘Dirty Jobs’

He went on to relate his new show to the one that made him famous. 

“‘Dirty Jobs’ is an easy thing to agree on because we all understand the importance of work,” he added. “History, I think is an easy thing to agree on as well. And we can argue over the specifics of what happened here or there. People love to do that, but still, it’s fundamentally a thing that we share. And so the basic topic of history, I think is increasingly important at a time like this.”

“The show interestingly was originally called ‘The Way I Heard It,’ which is the name of my podcast,” Rowe continued. “And I wanted to do that because I really don’t want to tell people, this is the way it was, right, this is the way it happened. I don’t know the way it happened. I wasn’t there, but I have access now to the same information that everybody else does. Thanks to this device, I have access to 99% of all the known information in the world.”

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Rowe Discusses His Family

As for other the other reasons Rowe wanted to do this show now, his family played a huge role in his thinking.

“‘Dirty Jobs’ was a love letter to my grandfather, who was a skilled tradesman,” Rowe explained. “And that show was a rumination on work. My father was a history teacher in high school and junior high. He always told me the first thing you have to do if you’re going to teach history is find a way to make it interesting to kids who really don’t care.”

“And the truth is, it’s not so different when you’re growing up,” he added. “Most people don’t really love history, and I’ve always been a fan. And I always thought if I could find a way to do a show that took a little bit of the pretense out of the whole lecture scenario that so often accompanies history, maybe people would dig it. And so that’s what this is, it’s a history show for people who normally wouldn’t watch a history show.”

We can’t wait to see the new show Rowe has cooking for us! As long as he’s involved, we think it’s sure to be a hit. 

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