Mike Rowe Discovery+ show Six Degree American history is what connects us

With America seemingly more divided than ever these days, former “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe is set to launch a new Discovery+ show that focuses on our history and how history connects us rather than divides us. At a time when monument are being removed, this is a bold move by America’s favorite blue collar champion.

Mike Rowe’s New Discovery+ Show “Six Degrees”

“Six Degrees with Mike Rowe” is set to premiere on Monday, January 4 on Discovery’s new streaming service, Discovery+.

In each of the six episode, all of which drop at the same time, Rowe “transports himself back in time to some of the most major moments in history” and delves deep into unique stories that not only impacted those moments, but also our world today.

“Can a mousetrap really cure your hangover,” Discovery+ said in a statement. “Did a garbage man give us a glimpse into the big bang? And how can a horseshoe help you find the perfect soulmate? Mike leaves no stone left unturned as he discovers the unexpected and uncovers some amazing answers.”

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Mike Rowe’s Hopes For His New American History Based Show

Rowe, 58, expressed his hopes to Fox News that fans of “Dirty Jobs” as well as viewers who haven’t seen him before will be able to learn a lot from the series. He is also hoping that the show will prove that we are more alike than we think we are.

“Aside from the fun of watching the show, and learning about all sorts of things and people you didn’t know you cared about, I hope that ‘Six Degrees’ reminds people that we’re more connected than we think,” he said. 

“For a long time it seems, the headlines have been a constant reminder of all that separates us,” Rowe added. “‘Six Degrees’ reminds us that our similarities are far greater than our differences. I thought the end of 2020 might be a good time to make that point.”

“I’m also grateful to Discovery for including this show on their new streaming platform, which looks incredible, and to the energy industry, who supported the project even before it had a home,” he added. 

Mike Rowe has been staying busy this year with his Facebook Watch show “Returning the Favor,” which features him traveling around the country to highlight people who are making a difference in their communities.

The show has already recognized thirteen organizations that are dedicated to helping veterans. 

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‘We Take So Many Of Our Freedoms For Granted’

Mike Rowe discussed the driving force behind his new Discovery+ show. Last month he said, “We take so many of our freedoms for granted.”

Now isn’t that a sobering truth. We see it every day, all around us. Fellow Americans taking their freedom and this great country for granted.

Rowe continued, “The Bill of Rights, every freedom in the Constitution, the freedom to move around freely. Every good and decent thing we enjoy was paid in blood by men and women who put on a uniform and then went away.”

“We’ve abandoned them,” he added. “That might be too strong of a word, but we haven’t stepped up to do what we can to help them reassemble. We haven’t put them at the front of the line to get them the help and opportunities they need once they come home. We have a duty ourselves to return the favor.”

“That’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned over the years,” Rowe said. “We take things for granted. It is a very human thing to do. But unfortunately, the men and women who wear the uniform are among the things we take for granted.”

He went on to suggest some simple things we can all do to show gratitude to America’s veterans.

“Buy him or her a beer, pick up a tab,” Rowe said. “Just at a restaurant alone, there are a lot of very simple ways to say thank you. Anyone can acknowledge a veteran – that’s not headline news… But there is a very real problem that exists, one that’s plaguing the veteran community. The suicide rates are scandalous and PTSD is very real. Taking the time just to say thank you alone can make a huge impact on someone’s life.”

This great patriot has spent years going above and beyond to help veterans and the American people.

We can’t wait to see Mike Rowe’s new Discovery+ show, and we hope it succeeds at bringing us all together!