Manager Says UFC’s Granted Deiveson Figueiredo PPV Points

It looks like the UFC is all in on flyweight champ Deiveson Figueiredo, as the latter's manage is reporting he's been granted PPV points.

It looks like the UFC is continuing to invest in the future of the flyweight division, as the Deiveson Figueiredo’s manager’s reporting the promotion’s handed the champ pay-per-view points.

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Manager says the ‘God of War’ has scored PPV points

As you likely know, Figueiredo was dubbed the ‘fighter of the year’ by many, following his 2020 campaign. Last year, the 33-year-old finished Joseph Benavidez (twice) and Alex Perez, and then battled Brandon Moreno to a draw in December.

That fight was one of the best flyweight fights ever, and was one of the best title fights of the year.

Well, recently Figueiredo’s manager Wallid Ismail spoke with MMA Fighting. Ismail reported that the champ’s wish to earn more cash, via PPV points, has been granted.

“I remember as it was today,” Ismail said. “I told [UFC matchmaker] Mick Maynard, ‘This guy will bring back the power to the flyweight division.

He fights to kill his opponents, not to score points.’ And he trusted us and kept the division.

Deiveson started to put on a show, and this last fight was his coronation.

“The guy was sick and still fought so the pay-per-view wouldn’t lose its main event. It was a draw, but saw it as a win for us, and now they said he deserves the pay-per-view [points].

The UFC really values a complete athlete, one that sells. You can’t be good but not sell.

That’s why selling matters so much. That’s what I always tell my athletes.”

The manager also had this to say about Figueiredo and his marketing appeal.

“People have to understand that MMA is a business,” Ismail said. “I have a great relationship with the UFC because I understand their side. If an athlete doesn’t sell…

They didn’t have lighter fighters headlining pay-per-views before, they would go to Fight Nights because they didn’t sell.

But when Deiveson started putting on a show and really showing that flyweights have power, that he has charisma…

“… The way he acts, his charisma, his authenticity — and knocking people out, which is the most important of all. He goes there and puts on a show.”

Big news for flyweight division

Given that it wasn’t that long ago when the future of the UFC’s flyweight division was in doubt, this is big news. Not only for Figueiredo, but for other champions and contenders who generate buzz moving forward.

Now sure, if Figueiredo loses the title right around the corner, it’s possible the UFC will reconsider its plans for the division. 

But, it does seem like the UFC’s committed to promoting the 125 bracket for now, and that’s a good thing.

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