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On Tuesday night, the radically liberal late night television host Jimmy Kimmel launched a truly vile attack on supporters of President Donald Trump where he joked about them “killing themselves”. This was a particularly crass choice given one of Wednesday’s rioters, an unarmed married female Air Force veteran, was shot and killed inside the Capitol. While another three died of undetermined medical emergencies.

Jimmy Kimmel Makes Crass Trump Supporter Joke 

Kimmel used his late night monologue on Tuesday to ruthlessly mock the Americans flocking to Washington D.C. for an event which Kimmel dubbed as the “Million Moron March”. The jab was clearly a reference to November’s “Million MAGA March”.

The January 6 event was actually called the “Save America March” and Trump himself spoke.

In advance of Wednesday’s event, a large number of Trump supporters descended on the capital and held a rally in Freedom Square. 

Kimmel’s anti-Trump monologue took a dark turn when he took the comments of one speaker who is known for promoting hoax theories to a dark place.

“The Jimmy Kimmel Live” host encouraged Trump supporters to hug one another at what he described as a “mass spreader event” on Wednesday.

“The gloves were off, and so were the masks at this rally,” Kimmel said. “A real dipwit named Clay Clark took the stage today to convince the hardcore members of Trump’s cult to kill themselves once and for all.”

“The stupidity is breathtaking,” Kimmel added, going on to predict that “many of those people will be on a ventilator soon.”

While the host could not have known Wednesday’s events would turn deadly, are mass cult suicide jokes ever in style? Especially on network television?

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Jimmy Kimmel Never Criticized Black Lives Matter Protesters

In stark contrast, Kimmel never criticized the Black Lives Matter rioters who held mass gathering protests, riots, or even occupied cities around the country in past months.

Those were surely “mass spreader events” as well, yet Kimmel seemingly had no problem with them. 

“And tomorrow is the big one. The ‘Million Moron March’ is tomorrow. President Trump says he’ll be there. Of course he will,” Kimmel continued before shifting to attacking the “talking heads” who have advanced the narrative of a stolen presidential election.

In his mind, one such person is Fox Business’s Lou Dobbs, whom he described as a “crazy old woman.”

“Yeah, right, everyone knows crimes were committed, we just can’t find proof!” Kimmel said. “But that’s not gonna stop us from tearing this country apart.”

This Attack On Trump Supporters Crosses The Line

While there was no way for Kimmel to know the Capitol would descend into chaos on Wednesday, it doesn’t excuse his appalling attempt at humor.

What happened at the Capitol also does not excuse his out-of-line monologue.

Joking about people contracting and dying of COVID-19 or ending up on a ventilator is crass and should not be tolerated.

Is suicide now an acceptable joking matter in the eyes of the left? Or only when it’s directed at Trump supporters? Is it funny to healthcare workers if hospitals are overwhelmed by people on ventilators? 

These were Americans who gathered in their nation’s capital to exercise their right to peacefully protest. The vast majority did just that.

Imagine if a television host said something similar about Black Lives Matter protesters over the summer. He or she would have undoubtedly been fired and blacklisted immediately.

Here, however, Trump supporters were the target of these heartless “jokes”. So I’m willing to bet that Kimmel will suffer no repercussions.

Liberals claim that they want “unity,” but comments like the ones made by Jimmy Kimmel have the exact opposite effect.

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