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While the Obama family is considered off limits by the media, one brave comedian swung for the fences with a gutsy joke at the expense of Michelle Obama during a recent standup gig. Steve Mudflap McGrew reminds us that not all comedians subscribe to the politically correct standards of modern liberals.

During the four years that Melania Trump has been First Lady, she has been relentlessly mocked and attack by both the media and the entertainment world.

The media’s treatment of Melania Trump has been a stark contrast to their exalting of Michele Obama when she was First Lady. During the Obama’s reign, when anyone who dared to make even the smallest of jokes at her expense risked being “cancelled” for racism.

That’s why it’s so satisfying that a standup comedian risked everything this week to take a brutal potshot at Michelle that is quickly going viral. 

Comedian Steve Mudflap McGrew Jokes About Michelle Obama

Steve Mudflap McGrew is a renowned standup comic who has won three Country Music Awards for his work in radio.

Most recently, McGrew did a gig at The Looney Bin in Oklahoma City. The brazen comedian’s set was heavily fueled by the unusual circumstances of the coronavirus pandemic. 

As you can imagine, our current conditions make for great fodder for cheeky comedy. From masks to vaccines, McGrew covers the full range.

One unexpected – and hilarious – moment, came at the expense of Michelle Obama. In the video below, you can catch the Obama joke at around the :50 second mark.

We’re not going to spoil it by writing out the joke here. But we can promise you that once you hear it, you’ll be rolling on the floor laughing!

If you enjoyed the Michelle Obama joke, you really should watch Steve Mudflap McGrew’s entire 40 minute “Stunning And Brave” set in the video below.

If you’re like me and enjoy an equal opportunity offender, McGrew might just be your new favorite comedian!

Of course, we can only imagine the amount of hate that McGrew will get from the left as his video makes the rounds. Especially with recent events.

Michelle Obama Jokes Are Off Limits

In today’s society, anyone who dares to mock Michelle is a “racist”. Yet no attack on Melania is too below the belt.

When it comes to the wife of President Donald Trump, the left throws all their rules about political correctness out the window.

This has been evidenced by the amount of time entertainers and members of the media have launched xenophobic attacks on Melania for her accent and past immigration status.

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Of course, on the flip side of this coin, we have a member of the Houston city council in Texas who is being pressured to resign for a meme he posted that negatively compared Michelle to Melania.

The meme posted by city councilman Greg Travis featured both women wearing pantsuits with the caption “Yep. Just saying.”

Screenshots of the meme along with an exchange that ensued between Travis and one of his followers was posted to social media.

Ashton P. Woods, founder of Black Lives Matter Houston, posted the images along with a call for Travis to resign. 

The conversation included Travis having a fiery response when someone pointed out that Michelle went to Harvard.

“It’s called Affirmative Action. Doesn’t take much—she was born with her qualification. She isn’t the brightest bulb in the lot,” he said. 

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Houston Council Member Refuses To Resign For Michelle Obama Meme

Despite the backlash, Travis has refused to resign. 

“I have every right to my opinion. They have every right to their opinion. I don’t tell other people they can’t have their opinion,” he told KPRC2. “They can call for whatever they want. I’m not resigning.”

“There’s a difference,” Travis added of Melania and Michelle. “I think one is classier. One is not.”

When asked more about what the difference is, Travis said, “Well, I just think that one represents the first lady ideal. Michelle Obama has always been too political for me.”

Imagine if Travis posted a xenophobic meme mocking Melania for being a immigrant who did not grow up with English as her first language. What would have happened then? Would there have been similar mainstream outrage?

I think we can all agree the answer is no. Had he mocked Melania and not Michelle, the backlash would likely be little to none with no serious impact on his career.

It’s unfortunate that conservative women like Melania are relentlessly mocked in the worst ways possible. Yet liberals, like Michelle, get a free pass.

All the while, entertainers who don’t subscribe to modern PC principles must risk their livelihoods to even joke about a powerful leftwing female. 

The double standard is appalling.

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