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Bubba Wallace, the NASCAR driver who infamously falsely claimed that a noose had been placed in his garage a few weeks ago, just showed the world what a sore loser he really is once again. He  mocked the Christian faith of the driver who sent him into the wall in a recent qualifying race.

Bubba Wallace Is A Sore Loser

Yahoo Sports reported that Wallace was sent crashing out of last week’s All-Star Race qualifier by fellow driver Michael McDowell. Wallace does not get to race for the $1 million prize.

Afterward, Wallace went the classless route of being a sore loser by leaving the bumper of his wrecked vehicle in front of McDowell’s door.

Wallace Mocks McDowell’s Christian Faith

Wallace only doubled down from there, sinking so low as to mock McDowell’s Christian faith, something that had nothing to do with the race whatsoever.

“People say he’s one of the nicest guys in the garage, can’t wait for the God-fearing text that he’s going to send me about preaching and praise and respect,” Wallace said of McDowell. “What a joke he is.”

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McDowell Takes The High Road

In contrast to Wallace, McDowell has taken the situation in stride and shown what it looks like for a man to actually take the high road.

Making the most of this situation, McDowell has decided to try to use it to benefit a good cause. He’s going to auction off the bumper that Wallace left for him. The proceeds will go to Motor Racing Outreach, a charitable organization that ministers to those in the racing community.

Unlike Wallace, McDowell also refused to be baited into bashing one of his opponents. 

“Everyone has an opinion of what happened,” McDowell said after announcing the auction. “I have my side of things, Bubba has his and all of the fans have theirs, too. It’s one of the reasons NASCAR wanted to go to Bristol for the All-Star race. We created the excitement and now fans can make a difference and own a piece of history.”


Wallace recently claimed to be a victim of a hate crime. He alleged that a noose was left in his garage following the banning of the Confederate flag at NASCAR races.

Upon an investigation by the FBI, however, it was concluded that the “noose” was actually just some rope that had been there since at least October. And that was long before that garage was ever assigned to Wallace.

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The incident has since led to some nicknaming Wallace “the Jussie Smollett of NASCAR.”

Wallace certainly won’t be earning himself any new fans with his sore loser behavior and mockery of Christianity. 

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