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A critical care nurse at a Chattanooga, Tennessee hospital fainted while speaking at a press conference less than 20 minutes after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. The dramatic video has some people concerned about adverse reactions to the vaccine, but health experts state this is nothing to cause alarm as there is a simple explanation.

Tiffany Dover, a CCU Nurse Manager, was speaking to WTVC NewsChannel 9 reporters about the Tennessee city’s first vaccinations of front-line workers.

Seventeen minutes after receiving the vaccine, Dover put her hand on her head to signal she was dizzy. She then muttered “excuse me” before nearby doctors caught her as she fell to the floor.

Tennessee Nurse Says She Has A Condition That Causes Her To Faint

The nurse rebounded quickly and explained to WTVC reporters that she has a condition which causes her to faint when she feels pain.

“It is common for me,” Dover said.

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CHI Memorial Hospital Chattanooga also told WTVC that Dover’s fainting was not caused by the COVID-19 vaccine.

Video of Dover’s fainting spell in the middle of the press conference can be seen below.

Allergic Reactions To Vaccines

Dover is not the first to have an adverse reaction to the COVID-19 vaccine. While this is not an isolated incident, health officials report the public should not be concerned.

There are allergic reactions to every vaccine, depending on the recipient’s health. Most are minor and may just be a sore spot on the arm.

Dover recovered immediately and her fainting spell is reportedly a reaction to the injection itself rather than the vaccine.

Bartlett Hospital in Juno, Alaska reports two health care workers had reactions to the vaccine within 10 minutes of receiving them.

One of them remained at the hospital under observation.

Reactions are going to get attention as some members of the public have heightened concerns about the vaccine.

The vast majority of vaccines have been uneventful and not drawn attention.

Who’ll Get Vaccinated And When

Most people will have to wait months for the vaccine because they are being given first to frontline health care workers who are particularly at risk of being exposed to coronavirus.

That includes approximately 20 million U.S. doctors, nurses, lab technicians, EMT and hospital staff. 

Residents and employees of long-term care facilities such as nursing homes will also be included in the first batch of inoculations.

Dr. Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, said President Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, President-Elect Biden, and Vice-President Elect Harris should be vaccinated.

“You still want to protect people who are very important to our country right now.”

Vice President Mike Pence and Second Lady Karen Pence signaled their confidence in the vaccine by publicly receiving the first shot. “I didn’t feel a thing,” Pence said after getting his COVID-19 vaccination in the tweeted video below.

The Vice President has been spearheading the federal government’s response to the pandemic. Including Operation Warp Speed which paved the way for the vaccine to be developed in record time.

And, he just tweeted this:

Once the vaccine is widely available, the goal is for everyone to get vaccinated. Dr. Fauci expects “the ordinary citizen” should be able to get a vaccine by April, May or June 2021. That will be after the essential workers, then people with underlying medical conditions, and adults over 65 years old.

Doctors and other healthcare workers continue to be injected with the COVID-19 vaccine. These caregivers and health experts are not concerned by the handful of reactions reported thus far.

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