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A Texas high school football player was escorted out of the stadium in dramatic fashion by police after he hit a referee – checking him at full speed and sending him to the ground.  The 58-year-old referee got up on his own but was taken to an ambulance outside the stadium gates. There he was evaluated for symptoms of a concussion and a possible shoulder injury.

Unsportsmanlike Conduct

Playoff season is a contentious time. It’s do or die for these teams. Edinburg High senior defensive end Emmanuel Duron felt the pressure after being ejected from the game for unsportsmanlike like conduct. But rather than taking his punishment, Duron doubled down by attacking the referee. 

It was just announced that the Edinburg Consolidated Independent School District has removed Edinburg High School from the state playoffs. Duron’s unsportsmanlike conduct just cost his team the playoffs!

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Leading up to attacking the referee, Duron shoved an opposing offensive lineman to the ground then attempted to tackle the opposing freshman quarterback after the whistle had blown the play dead.

That was enough to get him thrown out of the game. What he did next got him ejected from the rest of the postseason games and led him to be taken away by police. 

He was leading his team in tackles and sacks over the past four games. Now, Edinburg will lose their star defender for the remainder of the postseason.

Duron is also a star wrestler so he needs to learn how to pull it together before that season begins. 

Suspended From Soccer Last Year

This appears to be a bit of a theme with Duron.

He was also suspended from the 2019-20 soccer season for unsportsmanlike actions as well.

Now, this athlete is out for his final high school football season because of what appears to be serious anger management issues. 

Referee Fred Gracia was unable to return to the game after being slammed to the ground in a fit of rage by the defensive end.

A cart came onto the field to help the referee get to an ambulance. He has a potential shoulder injury and a possible concussion. 

Video of this attack can be seen in the video below. 

Edinburg ended up winning the game even without their star player in the second half. Head coach JJ Lejia didn’t want to discuss Duron’s ejection and attack on the referee.

Instead, he wanted to focus on the win and the other players. 

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“I can’t release any information on that and I apologize for that,” the coach said. “I hope you understand. I want this (moment) to be about our program and all the other kids we had on the field tonight.”

Duron better figure out how to control his anger. Life outside of high school won’t be as forgiving to a former athlete. 

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