Parton supports black lives matter

Over the summer, country music icon Dolly Parton shocked a large portion of her fanbase when she expressed her support for Black Lives Matter, which many see as a radically liberal political group that just uses racial issues as a shield to push a far-left progressive agenda upon Americans.

Parton’s Initial Black Lives Matter Comments

“And of course Black Lives Matter,” Parton told Billboard Magazine. “Do we think our little white a–es are the only ones that matter? No!”

This was particularly upsetting for many of her fans because Parton had long made it a point to stay politically neutral.

And, that was refreshing given the fact that the vast majority of entertainers these days seem to be radical liberals who just love to lecture the rest of us about politics every chance they get. 

We had hoped that after doing research on the background of the Black Lives Matter organization, Parton would think twice about supporting the group again.

Sadly, she does not seem to be backtracking at all from her support for the group.

In fact, Parton defied her haters to double down on her support for Black Lives Matter in a new interview this week.

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Parton Defends Her Initial Comments

In a new interview with Billboard, Parton defended her initial comments about Black Lives Matter, saying that they came from a truthful place. 

“I don’t really realize it until it’s already said. I just answer from my heart when somebody asks me a direct question,” she said. “I love everybody. And, of course, Black lives matter. We all matter. We’re all God’s children. I hope people learn to love one another a little more than they do, and if I can be any help in that respect, then I hope to be.”

While it is both certainly and obviously true that black lives do matter, the organization Black Lives Matter has political goals that have absolutely nothing to do with race. Instead, the group uses its name to accuse anyone who disagrees with its anti-American political agenda of being “racist.”

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How Will This Affect Her Fanbase?

Dolly recently released her first Christmas album in 30 years “A Holly Dolly Christmas.” The album contains some old favorites and a few new songs. And, she’s starring in a Netflix movie called “Christmas On The Square.” 

If her fans hit her in the pocketbook after her comments on Black lives matter this year, maybe she’ll take another look at what she’s saying and what they’re all about.

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Parton Should Do Some Research

Given how open she’s been about wanting to stay politically neutral in the past, perhaps Parton hasn’t done the proper research into the Black Lives Matter organization to see what a radically leftwing political group it really is.

However, since Parton has such a huge platform, there’s really no excuse for not putting in the time to know more about a group like Black Lives Matter before promoting it.

Here’s hoping that Parton is enlightened about the truth behind Black Lives Matter before she triples down on her support for it. 

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