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“Fuller House” and Hallmark star Candace Cameron Bure is known for being one of the most unapologetically devout Christians in Hollywood. She recently showed that once again when she made a powerful proclamation about “glorifying God” while appearing on the “The Lucas Miles Show.” Her message follows a dust-up over a recent photo which promoted Candace Cameron Bure to clarify how being Christian impacts her marriage and sex life.

Candace Cameron Bure Discusses Her Faith

Bure sat down with Lucas Miles for a candid discussion about being a Christian in Hollywood.

She begins to go into depth about her faith at around the fifteen minute mark in the video below:

“The truth is: you have to know who you are. You have to know whose you are,” the former child star said.

“You have to know that before you walk out into the world because the world is going to try to tell you what it thinks you should be.”

The “Aurora Teagarden” actress went on to say that she believes people need to motivate themselves by asking themselves important questions.

Bure suggests we all ask ourselves things like “What’s your ‘why?'” and “What’s the purpose?”

‘My Life Purpose As A Christian Is To Glorify God’

“When I think of my purpose, I’m thinking about my life purpose. My life purpose as a Christian is to glorify God in all I do,” Candace Cameron Bure said.

The crowd immediately erupted in applause in response.

Not stopping there, Bure went on to talk about the importance of “purpose.”

“I wasn’t put on the earth to be the best actress I can be,” she explained. “My purpose is to glorify God, but God gave me a talent and I get to use those talents … to produce content that can turn back and glorify God.”

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Candace Cameron Bure Discusses Her Sex Life

The 44-year-old puts her role as wife and mom ahead of her Hollywood stardom. She makes this clear time and again on her social media.

Not long ago, Bure caused a bit of a stir with a saucy photo of her and husband, former professional hockey player Valeri Bure.

Surprised by the backlash, Candace Cameron Bure decided to open up about what being a Christian woman means for her marriage and sex life.

“I’ve been married for 24 years,” she said, according to Today. “I’m a Christian. My husband’s a Christian, and I’m really proud that we’ve managed to stay married for 24 years. And the fact that we have fun and we flirt together, this is part of what makes our marriage work.”

“This is something to be celebrated as a Christian,” Bure added. 

“Sex doesn’t stop once you get married. Sex is the blessing of marriage and I hate when Christians are like, no, you have to pretend like you’ve never had sex, and we only know that you’ve had sex three times because you’ve had three children. If we are to promise ourselves for one another and preach saving yourself for marriage, then sex needs to be celebrated within marriage.”

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God bless Bure for continuing to show the world what a good Christian woman looks like! 

You can watch Candace Cameron Bure right now in Pure Flix’s “Finding Normal.”

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