93-Year-Old Veteran Whittles Walking Sticks To Raise Money For Food Bank

John Hobson, a 93-year-old Veteran in Ohio, sells his handcrafted walking sticks on the side of the road to raise money for a food bank.

93-year-old Veteran John Hobson is not sitting still in his golden years. The retired Air Force Colonel is whittling walking sticks to raise money for his local food bank in Ohio. He has started a movement which is feeding thousands of people. 

Hobson’s walking sticks are in such demand that he has sold out. It takes him about a day to make one and he’s ramping up production to help feed hungry people in Xenia, Ohio. 

It began last Christmas when the veteran made each of his nine grandchildren and their spouses walking sticks. Each stick had the recipient’s name burned into the side. Now, it has morphed into a way to give back to his community.

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Veteran Sells Walking Sticks On The Side Of Road For Food Bank

His hard work continues after he finishes creating the walking sticks. He stands on the side of the road selling them to passerbys. 

Hobson sells the sticks for $3 each. That’s actually quite a bargain since it takes him about a day to whittle just one. People have been very generous and have donated above and beyond that amount.

“Once he gets a batch of them, he takes them out and if he starts running low I guess he kicks it into high gear,” grandson Rob Hobson said. 

He has sold 100 walking sticks to raise money for the Xenia Area Fish Food Pantry. That amounts to 100 days worth of work for this 93-year-old veteran and has amounted a more than $600 donation to feed Xenia families.

But, that’s not all. 

Mr. HOBSON has sold out of the walking sticks but he has started a go fund me for our pantry.

Posted by Xenia Area Fish Food Pantry on Thursday, December 10, 2020

John Hobson’s GoFundMe Smashes Goal

Mr. Hobson also started a GoFundMe to help speed up the donations. His walking sticks have gained a lot of attention.

People are impressed with his generosity and community service and they want to join him. 

A $500 goal was established for the GoFundMe, but Hobson has completely smashed that goal.

Over $9,300 has been donated to the Food Pantry through this GoFundMe. Mr. Hobson has started a bit of a movement!

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While many people envision a 93-year-old as taking it easy, that is not Colonel Hobson.

He keeps active and is always looking to give back. He served our country with honor and now he is serving hungry people in his community.

The good work this proud Veteran has done for his country and his community food bank should be far and wide. This man is a national treasure.

More information on Veteran John Hobson on his efforts on behalf of the Ohio food back are in the video below. 

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