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On Thursday night’s episode of “The Bradshaw Bunch,” NFL legend Terry Bradshaw helped his 33-year-old daughter Rachel perform for the first time since her husband, Tennessee Titans kicker Rob Bironas, tragically passed away.

Terry Bradshaw Convinces Daughter Rachel To Sing At NASCAR Race

Rachel Bradshaw is an award-winning singer and songwriter who currently stars alongside her dad Terry on the hit E! reality show “The Bradshaw Bunch”.

E! Online reported that Rachel had been adamant that she would not perform “God Bless America” again after her husband Rob Bironas died in a car crash in 2014.

“When Rachel lost her husband, she lost her passion for singing,” Terry explained. “I would hate for her to be sitting around when she’s 60 going, ‘Man I wish I would’ve followed through on my dream.'”

When Terry Bradshaw’s agent called him with an offer for his daughter Rachel to perform the patriotic song for NASCAR at the Texas Motor Speedway race, he knew she had to do it.

Terry made the deal happen without telling Rachel, and when she initially found out about it, she wasn’t exactly pleased.

“Oh dear god,” she exclaimed.

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Rachel Bradshaw Lost Her Passion For Music After Rob Bironas Died

In a confessional on “The Bradshaw Bunch”, Rachel revealed that since her husband’s death, “I just really haven’t been able to sing again and be passionate about music.”

“When I was married, I had a partner. I had someone in my corner,” she added. “So that would boost your confidence. I was so into my career and singing and all of that. But then I lost it, so it’s been years since I’ve been on stage. And like, I don’t want to do this. I really don’t want to do it.”

Despite this, Terry was determined for his daughter to take the stage. He even tried guilt-tripping her, telling Rachel, “If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for me…It’ll break my heart.”

Rachel finally agreed, but she regretted this the morning of her performance, as she started to have second thoughts.

“I am trying to keep my cool but I honestly just want to puke and disappear,” she said. “And Dad is so chill and calm, cool and collected. I swore that I would never do music ever again in my entire life and here I am singing at NASCAR.”

You can watch Rachel perform “God Bless America” as dad Terry Bradshaw looks on in the video below.

Rachel Bradshaw’s NASCAR Performance Of “God Bless America”

Just as Terry predicted, however, everything went great once Rachel took the stage.

Afterwards, she admitted that she was “proud” of herself for doing this.

“When we don’t believe in ourselves, Dad picks us back up and makes us believe in ourselves,” Rachel said. “He wants us to succeed so bad, he will do anything. A part of me honestly thinks he even agreed to NASCAR because he wanted me to have that opportunity.”

“I haven’t felt this way in a very long time,” she added.

As for Terry Bradshaw, he could not have been happier or more proud of his daughter Rachel.

“My plan worked! Rachel sang, knocked it out of the park,” he said. “I’m really happy for her. It was everything I could’ve hoped for because it was all about her.”

Sometimes, father really does know best!

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