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NFL Super Bowl Champion Burgess Owens, who last year went viral for his reparations testimony, is headed to Congress after unseating a Democrat incumbent in Colorado. The former Raiders defensive back stands out in the crowd for his conservative values and patriotism. He’s even been described as the “Anti-Kaepernick.”

Owens is among 14 Republicans who have flipped House seats. The Democrats were predicted to win at least a dozen races. Instead, conservatives like Burgess Owens are heading to the Capitol.

NFL Champ Burgess Owens Is a Proud Patriot

Unlike Kaepernick, the Congressman-Elect is a proud American who would never consider kneeling for the National Anthem.

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“We have too many Americans now accepting the notion that the flag should be a place where people should be ashamed of or take a knee, that’s what it comes down to,” Owens stated.

“I am disappointed that so many people are acquiescing today. They don’t understand the American way; they don’t understand the price paid,” he continued.

“They need to understand that we can’t be bullied and that we’re not an evil country. There is no other country in the world with the mixing of races and tolerance. We have to change the current narrative.”

Owens believes it ludicrous that anyone would consider forcing an NFL team to sign Kaepernick. Nobody is owed a position on a professional football team. It is earned.

The Congressman-Elect said it would “Affirmative Action for a Marxist.”

Burgess Owens Testified Before Congress AGAINST Reparations

Owens made waves in 2019 when he testified against reparations before Congress.

During his testimony, the NFL star put the blame back on those liberal activists seeking payments.

He also suggested that Democrats should pay restitution to Black Americans because of the “misery” they caused to his race.

Owens’ speech was such a lightening rod that the video went viral.

“I do believe in restitution,” he states in the video below. “Let’s point to the party that was part of slavery, KKK, Jim Crow, that has killed over 40% of our black babies, 20 million of them.”

Burgess Owens’ 2019 reparations testimony before Congress in the video below is really something every American should see.

After The NFL He Became A Chimney Sweep

The Ohio native understands that you aren’t entitled to anything and that hard work pays off.  

Owens started a business about the time he retired from football. That didn’t work out and this NFL All-Pro athlete ended up working as a chimney sweep.

This humbling experience returned Owens to his middle class roots and helped solidify the man who will soon be a Congressman.

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This is a man of great faith who never allows an obstacle to interfere with his goals. His is an All American story.

Burgess Owens understands the promise of the American Dream. Even after losing everything, he never gave up.

Now, after defying the odds, he’s heading to Capitol Hill.

Unlike Colin Kaepernick, this Republican has an impressive resume on and off the football field.

Burgess Owens detailed his story in a moving speech at the 2020 RNC. That video is below.

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