As this post is being written, a fight between Mike Perry and Tim Means is still planned for Saturday’s UFC 255 card. But, based on what Perry was tweeting overnight, there are certainly reasons to wonder if he’s going to make 171 pounds or if the bout will happen at all.

Perry says he’s “dying” while cutting weight

The controversial welterweight, who recently reported he still had 20 pounds to cut not far out from today,  tweeted out the following comments overnight.

I’m sorry man. I don’t think I can make it

I have always talked trash during weight cuts so that if I couldn’t make it I could say I told y’all I wasn’t sure. Maybe I’ve outgrown this.

I did try to ask for a fight at 185 but maybe I just don’t have it anymore. I’m so thankful to all the kind people at the UFC

Can’t believe I’ve even been here this long. Maybe I should just lay the gloves down.

I don’t want it. I’m just in over my head with this weight. I was just 189 and now I’m 177 and I can’t sweat.

I ran with a nice sauna suit , got in the portable sauna for 15 minutes , nothing

So easy for people to sit there and say sh-t but I swear I feel like anyone saying I’m weak for this doesn’t cut weight.

It’s death to me. I’m dying already and have 6 more lbs to go. I know it doesn’t sound like a lot but it’s harder than the first 14.


We’ll know more soon

Now, any fighter will tell you that cutting weight is hard and cutting a large amount, in a short period of time, can be torture.

So, it’s certainly possible that Perry was emotional and upset when he tweeted out some of those comments, regarding his fighting future.

If Perry doesn’t make weight and has to pull out, it will be interesting to see how the UFC handles the situation. Given how 2020 has played out for Perry.

Earlier this year Perry was captured on video punching an older man and shouting racist slurs. The fighter apologized for his actions.

More recently, the 29-year-old’s ex-wife Danielle Nickerson accused Perry of domestic violence. He has denied the allegations.

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