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Jon Gosselin is encouraging his kids to speak up as he and his ex-wife Kate trade painful accusations of child abuse. In an intense interview with Dr. Oz, the father of eight explains what happened with Collin that led to such a public battle over abuse with Kate. 

Collin called police claiming that Jon abused him. Kate seized the opportunity and took it to the media, but everything was determined to be unfounded.

But, this led to a back and forth with abuse claims made between the parents who have are still dealing with their combative divorce years later. 

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Gosselin Kids Should Speak Freely

Gosselin told Dr. Oz that he believes the kids should be able to speak freely. They are public people because of their years of being on reality shows. 

“I think the kids need to talk,” the father told Dr. Oz. “I’m giving them the outlet of, “If you want to talk to the public because you’re public (people), you have every opportunity to do these things.”

The Daily Mail reports that during the Gosselin’s custody battle, Collin told a court appointed therapist about horrific abuse he suffered from his mother. He even said that Kate zip tied him.

The mother sent her son to a facility for children with special needs, refusing to tell Jon where Collin was. Jon finally was granted custody of Collin and then later Hannah joined them. 

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Jon Claims Kate Has Narcissistic Personality Disorder

Jon claims that Kate has Narcissistic Personality Disorder and is always looking to put herself in front of the media. 

Kate and Jon’s oldest two daughters are now adults. They also share 16 year old sextuplets.

Jon has full custody of Hannah and Collin while Kate keeps the other four.

The four living with Kate do not communicate with their father at all. Jon says he has tried but his attempts are ignored. 

Jon believes the only way that fences can be mended with Kate is if the children intervene and start communicating. Until then, he is going to focus on Collin and Hannah. 

“I have no idea if they’ll reach out in that way. I’ve left that in their court and I’m just focused on the two that are living with me because there’s so much going on with therapies and work and COVID and everything else,” Jon Told Dr. Oz. 

Jon Gosselin’s very personal interview with Dr. Oz can be seen in the video below. 

While it’s understandable that Jon wants to clear his name, discussing his children’s issues on national television might further widen the divide between them. 

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