Rockets Star James Harden Wants To Leave The Team Because Owner Supports Trump

NBA's James Harden, star player for the Houston Rockets, wants out because the team's owner, Tilman Fertitta, supports President Trump.

New reports are coming in stating that James Harden and some of his fellow teammates want to leave the Houston Rockets basketball team because the team’s owner Tilman Fertitta is believed to be a supporter of President Donald Trump.

James Harden Wants To Leave Rockets Because Owner Supports Trump

NBA insider Ric Bucher dropped this bombshell claim on “The Odd Couple” podcast last week, saying that Fertitta’s pro-Trump stance has led to an all-out “revolt” on the team. 

“What I heard is, and we know how much politics and political position had to do with the boycott and protests during the Bubble — I’m hearing that Tilman Fertitta’s strong Republican support and donations is one of the things that is contributing to this dissatisfaction,” Bucher said. 

“There is a revolt here because they look at Fertitta as a guy who supports the current President.”

TMZ reported that Russell Westbrook is another player who has requested to be transferred from the Rockets simply because Fertitta supports Trump.

With the NBA draft tonight, many people are speculating about Harden and Westbrook:

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Fertitta Openly Supports Trump

It’s interesting that James Harden and his fellow Houston Rockets players would draw the line now.

Fertitta has been open about his support for Trump in the past. And, he has even met with the president at various times.

In 2017, after Trump was inaugurated, Fertitta predicted that he would do great things for American business while in office.

“Taking so much power away from the government and putting it back in business is going to be great for American capitalism,” Fertitta said at the time. “And why is America great? One reason: American capitalism.”

“There’s been so much regulation in all aspects of the government over the last eight years that to deregulate all this regulation is going to be very good for the oil business, the energy business, the restaurant business,” he added.

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Fertitta Defends Himself

Obviously, the Houston Rockets doesn’t want to lose James Harden or other key players.

Fertitta has since released a statement through a spokesperson in which he claimed to have donated to candidates from both the Republican and Democrat parties in the past.

“Throughout his business career, Tilman Fertitta has supported many individuals in public service. He has hosted numerous fundraisers for President Bill Clinton and hosted President George W. Bush in his home,” the spokesperson said.

“Last year, he hosted a fundraiser for Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee as well as supported his longtime friend, Mark Kelly, now U.S. senator-elect of Arizona,” the spokesperson added.

“He also contributed to President-elect Joe Biden’s campaign. As a respected business leader recognized across the country, Fertitta supports many Democrats, as well as Republicans.”

It’s sad that we live in a time when simply supporting the president and hoping for his success is seen as “offensive” and controversial to so many closed-minded leftists.

Shame on James Harden, Russell Westbrook, and anyone else who is trying to leave this team just because Fertitta supports the President.

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