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A couple who were married 60 years ago were finally reunited last week after being separated for 215 days because of restrictions due to the pandemic. This viral video will pull at your heart and remind you that true and sustaining love still exists.

Only Allowed To Visit Through Window And By Phone

Joseph and Eve Loreth never expected to be separated for such a long time when Joseph went to the hospital for surgery in March.

Because of coronavirus-related health and safety restrictions, Eve couldn’t visit her husband in person. They had to settle for a few window visits and phone calls while he recovered.

But, it wasn’t the same. They longed to be together.

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The couple, both 80, have been together since they met at a roller skating rink when they were in high school.

They raised five children in their Iowa home and now live in Florida. And, they have more than a dozen grandchildren. 

During Joseph’s time recovering, Eve moved into his assisted living facility.

Eve had her backed turned when Joseph was brought over to her with the help from staff at their facility. It had been so many months since they were able to touch and hold each other, so it was very much a shock to suddenly see him without notice.

“He was just so emotional it was so beautiful to see how much he loved his wife,” Clary Abreu, the life enrichment coordinator at Rosecastle said.

An employee at their facility, Rosecastle at Delaney Creek, wheeled Joseph over to an unsuspecting Eve who was sitting alone at a table.

Oh my God. I sure did miss you,” she said her to husband. “I love you.”

“I didn’t think I would ever get over here. I missed you so much,” a tearful Joseph replied.

More joyful tears were shed and you might shed some too when you watch the video below. This is real love!

Heartwarming Reactions To Married Couple Reunion

The reactions on Facebook were heartwarming. This reunion touched a lot of people who are looking for a positive story when so many negative ones dominate the headlines. 

“Sitting here in tears watching this over and over! So precious! Lord bless them with several more years together!,” one viewer shared. 

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This has been a challenging time for many of our elderly family members.

It can be increasingly lonely adjusting to life during the pandemic. Fortunately, these two lovebirds are finally back together. 

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