Suspended NASCAR Driver Kyle Larson Pens Public Apology For N-Word, Bubba Wallace Approves

Bubba Wallace gave his stamp of approval after the suspended NASCAR driver Kyle Larson apologized for using the N-word.

Bubba Wallace, who has become the Colin Kaepernick of NASCAR, showed how full of himself is once again this week when he gave his stamp of approval on the public apology letter written by fellow driver Kyle Larson, who was suspended earlier this year for using the N-word.

Bubba Wallace Approves Kyle Larson’s Apology

“Great read, proud of Kyle,” Wallace wrote of Larson’s letter. Wallace wrote this as if he was the king of NASCAR, and that it was up to him to approve or disapprove of Larson’s groveling apology.

Larson, 28, was suspended by NASCAR in April after he was recorded saying the N-word while competing in a virtual race. On top of being suspended by NASCAR, Larson was fired by Chip Ganassi Racing and told to undergo sensitivity training

Larson wrote open apology letter called “My Lessons Learned.”

Kyle Larson’s Apology Letter

“Auto racing is my passion,” Larson wrote in the letter. “During the NASCAR off-season, I’ve sometimes competed overseas. On one of these trips, I was around a group that used the N-word casually, almost like a greeting. Of course, it doesn’t matter where this happened, how the word was used, or what the people around me did.”

“The fact is that the word was said in my presence, and I allowed it to happen unchecked,” he added. “I was ignorant enough to think it was OK, and on the night of the esports event, I used the word similarly to how I’d heard it. As I write this, I realize how ridiculous, horrible, and insensitive it all sounds. And what makes it even worse is that I truly do know better.”

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Larson went on to talk about what he’s learned throughout this scandal:

“Since April, I’ve done a lot of reflecting. I realized how little I really knew about the African American experience in this country and racism in general. Educating myself is something I should’ve done a long time ago, because it would’ve made me a better person – the kind of person who doesn’t casually throw around an awful, racist word.

The kind who makes an effort to understand the hate and oppression it symbolizes and the depth of pain it has caused Black people throughout history and still to this day. It was past time for me to shut up, listen and learn.”

His Lesson Learned

Kyle Larson added that he has learned that the N-word is not his to use because it is connected to “slavery, injustice and trauma.”

He explained: 

“I truly didn’t say the word with the intention of degrading or demeaning another person, but my ignorance ended up insulting an entire community of people who, in the year 2020, still have to fight for justice and equality.”

He concluded the letter by expressing hopes that his children will learn from his mistakes.

“I can’t go back and change it,” Larson wrote. “But I can control what happens from here on out.”

While we would certainly never condone the use of the N-word, it does seem like Larson has been punished enough.

Months of being publicly shamed and suspended from his career seem like more than enough of a punishment for the offense he committed.

However, there’s no word on whether his suspension will be lifted, though some folks are speculating:

And, some are calling for his return.

That being said, it’s not up to Bubba Wallace of all people to give a stamp of approval or disapproval on Larson’s apology, as if it’s his job to decide his fate.

Who does Wallace think he is? He should be staying out of this and focusing on his own life, instead of getting involved in Larson’s.

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