Hall Of Famer Tony Stewart Suggests NASCAR ‘Get Off Their A$$’ And Reinstate Kyle Larson

Tony Stewart just spoke out to call for NASCAR to let Kyle Larson return after his n-word scandal, saying "do the right thing.

“The People’s Champion” Tony Stewart is challenging NASCAR to ‘do the right thing’ and reinstate driver Kyle Larson who was banned after being heard using the n-word in April.

It’s been five months since NASCAR fired and indefinitely banned the No. 42 Chevrolet Camaro driver for his use of the n-word during a competitive iRacing event while the sport was on hiatus due to COVID-19.

Tony Stewart Defends Kyle Larson

Reports surfaced last month that NASCAR had spoken to 28-year-old Larson about his possible reinstatement, but nothing was official yet.

Some of Larson’s fellow drivers took offense to his langauge during the iRacing event. But Stewart, known for his blue-collar, hard-nosed style of competition, recently spoke his mind in an interview with CBS Sports.

The NASCAR Hall of Famer didn’t sugar coat and suggested it’s high time NASCAR reinstate Larson. The racing vet feels the young driver has been punished enough and deserves another chance to race again.

“NASCAR has gotta get off their a** and do the right thing and give this kid an opportunity to get back in a car,” Stewart said. “I think he’s paid his penalty and he’s served the penalty long enough where you know we’ve had similar instances in the sport that have happened and the penalties didn’t last as near as long as this has lasted with Kyle.”

Not stopping there, Stewart described how this scandal essentially destroyed Larson’s life. And even blew back onto his family.

“It’s changed Kyle’s world, it turned everything upside down and not only did it affect him. It affected his family and a lot of other people that didn’t deserve to be affected,” he said. “So I think it’s been long enough. I think it’s time for NASCAR to get off their ass and to do the right thing and allow him to come back to the series now.”

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Kyle Larson Trades NASCAR For Dirt Racing

Since being let go by NASCAR, Larson has stayed busy by diving into dirt racing. He’s found great success in the past few months with over 30 victories.

After his scandal with NASCAR, Larson said that his success in dirt racing meant the world to him.

“Once I got let go from my NASCAR ride and knew that I was going to need to run a lot of dirt stuff, my goal was to show the world I made it to Cup on talent, and I deserved to be there,” he said on the latest episode of the “Open Red” podcast.

“That was what I wanted to prove to everyone. And I feel like I’ve been able to do that, and it’s gone way better than I thought it would.”

NASCAR Should Heed Tony Stewart’s Words

No doubt, Larson should never have used the n-word. During the NASCAR iRacing event or otherwise. The 28-year-old owned up to his mistake before being punished accordingly.

In the end, we have to agree with Tony Stewart’s appeal to NASCAR on Kyle Larson’s behalf.

The young racer was punished. He owned up to his mistake. Now it’s time he be given a chance to show that he’s learned and grown from that lesson.

It’s not right for his entire racing career to be upended over an isolated blurt during a heated race.

We’ve all made mistakes in life, which is why practicing forgiveness is so important. It’s time for NASCAR to do just that, and lift the ban on Kyle Larson’s racing career. 

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