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Mere days after rapper 50 Cent endorsed Donald Trump after learning of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s plan to heavily tax the wealthy, another has followed his lead. Rapper Lil Pump, whose song “Gucci Gang” was huge with millennials and Gen Z, publicly endorsed President Trump on Instagram, sending his record label into a tailspin.

The rapper’s record label Tha Lights Global went into full panic mode after his public declaration, quickly releasing a desperate statement to declare their support for Biden. 

Rapper Lil Pump Endorses Trump 

The rapper Lil Pump, best known for his song “Gucci Gang,” took to Instagram on Monday to share a photoshopped image that portrayed him shaking President Trump’s hand.

“THE DAY I MET TRUMP ? #trump202022020,” Lil Pump captioned the photo. 


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THE DAY I MET TRUMP ? #trump202022020

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Fox News reported that Lil Pump then took to his Instagram Story to explain why he is endorsing Trump in a profanity-laced video.

The 2o-year-old Florida native blasted “Sleepy Joe,” taking particular issue with the Democrats’ plan to focus on taxing the wealthy. 

Liberal celebrities endorse Biden and bash Trump every day with no repercussions whatsoever.

When even one celebrity dares to endorse Trump, however, all hell breaks loose, and that’s exactly what happened here. 

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Rapper’s Record Label Responds

Instead of allowing Lil Pump to have his own political opinions in peace, his label Tha Lights Global panicked and released a statement through CEO Dooney Battle in which they distanced themselves from the rapper’s endorsement of the president.

Here’s what the rapper’s record label had to say:

“Tha Lights Global supports everyone’s right to choose a Presidential candidate, however we want to make clear we do not support Donald Trump.

We support Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for President and Vice President because we believe they offer an alternative to an administration that has ignored systemic racial injustice, promoted hate speech and inhumane immigration policies, ignored the problem of climate change and rights of LGBTQ+ individuals as well as many other actions contrary to democratic ideals.

We believe it is our obligation to speak out regarding this historic election and we believe in a free society where all of our artists can express their opinions.”

This Is Why So Few Celebrities Endorse Trump

Lil Pump join a growing list of celebrities brave enough to publicly declare their support for Trump.

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The record label’s scramble to distance themselves demonstrates exactly why the public list of celebrities who support Trump is shorter than the list of celebrities who will actually vote for him in November.

The fact they felt the need to release this statement is nothing short of ridiculous.

Lil Pump’s personal politics have nothing to do with anyone at his record label. Further, like they said themselves, the rapper has the “right to choose” whatever presidential candidate he wants.

Had the 2o-year-old endorsed Biden, they would never have felt the need to clarify their own political opinion.

Tha Lights Global only felt the need to do so because the higher-ups at this label clearly see Trump and everyone who votes for him as “evil.” 

I wonder how they know that every single employee at the record label supports Biden over Trump? Do they require employees to disclose their personal politics?

It sounds like even if the record label employed someone who supports Trump, that employee is likely in the closet. Just like countless other Americans who feel bullied into keeping their support of Trump a secret.

It’s shameful. Requiring single party loyalty is NOT how a Democracy behaves. 

Maybe Lil Pump should ditch Tha Lights Global for a record label that is more inclusive and diverse. 

Obviously this one has no room for free thinkers or artists who value diversity of thought.

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