Stephen Thompson Wants to “Break it Down” With Nick Diaz

Stephen Thompson isn't sold that Nick Diaz will in fact, return to the cage, but if he does, "Wonderboy" would like to welcome him...

The MMA world is still chattering about the possibility of Nick Diaz, finally, returning to the Octagon in 2021.

Well, Stephen Thompson isn’t going to bet the house on that happening. But, the welterweight contender is more than willing to face Diaz in his comeback.

Stephen Thompson

Thompson calls out Diaz

Recently talk about Diaz spiked, after his manager reported that the Stockton star successfully completed a test weight cut, and shared out a video clip of a slim, looking Diaz. In addition, Diaz’s manager reported the fight is looking to make a comeback in early, 2021.

Well, since all this news broke, Thompson spoke with Mike Heck from MMA Fighting. While talking about his next bout, Thompson relayed he’d like to throw hands with Diaz.

“As of right now, I am opponent-less,” Thompson said. “I hear Nick Diaz wants to come back. I’m just throwing it out there: hey, Nick, let’s break it down.

I will welcome you back to the welterweight division with open arms, sir. In the nicest way possible, the ‘NMF’ [‘Nicest Mother F**ker’] way.”

On paper, this has the makings of a very compelling bout. But, it would be kind of surprising if Diaz chose “Wonderboy” has his comeback opponent.

Thompson has a sizeable following, no question, and he’s been a top contender for years.

But, Diaz is in that tier of fame where he could call for bouts with the likes of Conor McGregor, and the UFC would want to take a look.

Thompson will believe it when he sees it

While Thompson would like to fight Diaz, he isn’t optimistic that the eccentric star will actually, make a comeback.

“I’ll believe it when I see it,” Thompson said. “When it’s a set and done fight, then I’ll believe it.

He’s said several times that he’s coming back. He’s a great fighter. He’s like GSP, a lifelong fighter. Is he going to have some tricks up his sleeve, or is he going to be the same fighter as he was before?

“I’m anxious to see, if it’s possible, what is something different that he brings to the table. Everybody around him and the game has changed so much since the last time he’s fought.

Has he made the changes as well? But I’ll believe it when I see it.”

Yup. This seems to be the general consensus out there. Diaz has talked about making a comeback, several times before, and it never happened.

After Masvidal beat his brother Nate, Nick said he was going to fight this year. 

The 37-year-old fighter hasn’t competed now since January 2015, when he faced former middleweight champ, Anderson Silva.


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