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A lone player for the Pittsburgh Steelers, Alejandro Villanueva, just defied his team to honor fallen a American war hero instead of the police brutality victim honored on the helmet of his teammates.

Steelers Player Honors Fallen War Hero Alwyn Cashe

Accordingly to Daily Mail, the Steelers’ offensive lineman Alejandro Villanueva himself served three tours of duty in Afghanistan as an Army Ranger.

This might explain why the Steelers player showed up for his team’s game against the New York Giants on Monday night with the name “Alwyn Cashe” on his helmet.

Villaneuva chose to honor a fallen war hero rather than the social justice symbols like George Floyd and Jacob Black.

Alwyn Cashe was a sergeant in the Army who was killed back in 2005 by an improvised explosive device while serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The sergeant was only 35 years-old at the time of his death, and he left behind a wife and 12 year-old daughter.

After his death, Cashe was hailed a hero and awarded the Silver Star for valor.

Sgt. 1st class Cashe sustained burns and other fatal injuries during repeated attempts to rescue fellow soldiers from a burning vehicle in Iraq.

This true American hero, a Florida native, served in the first Gulf War and two tours of Iraq before his untimely death in November 2005.

Steelers Honor Police Brutality Victim On Helmets

In honoring Cashe, Villanueva was defying the rest of his team, who all chose to honor 17 year-old police shooting victim Antwon Rose Jr. instead.

The Steelers website explained why the team chose to honor Rose by writing his name on their helmets:

“On the night of June 19, 2018, the car Antwon Rose Jr., who is black, was a passenger in was pulled over by the East Pittsburgh Police. While the driver was being handcuffed on suspicion of being involved in an incident that happened earlier that evening, a frightened Rose fled from the car. The cell phone video a bystander captured showed Rose running, and then you could hear gunshots and see as he was fatally shot in the back three times by a white East Pittsburgh Police Officer.”

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Steelers Coach Defends Alejandro Villanueva

Though Villanueva stood out from his team in honoring a military veteran instead of a police brutality victim, he had the full support of his coach Mike Tomlin. The Steelers coach said the two talked about Villanueva’s decision to honor Cashe beforehand. 

“As an organization, and myself as the head coach of the organization, we’re going to support our players however they chose to participate and express themselves, or to not participate or not express themselves, as long as they do so thoughtfully and with class,” Tomlin told reporters after the game.

This comes as the NFL is catering to the radical left like never before, allowing players to kneel for the national anthem left and right in the hopes of appeasing Black Lives Matter.

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The league is ignoring the fact that this is a clear sign of disrespect to heroes like Cashe, who gave their lives for the American flag. 

We applaud this Steelers player for refusing to submit to the left and honoring a true hero on his helmet. If anyone deserves to be honored in this way, it’s someone like Cashe. 

We hope Americans share this to show support for Alejandro Villanueva and honor the bravery of Alwyn Cashe.

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