Horrifying Footage Shows Man Grab Gun Off LAPD Officer, Pistol Whip Him, Then Open Fire On Cops In Station

A horrifying video is going viral showing the moment a man grabs the gun of an LAPD police officer and pistol whips him with it.

A chilling video is going viral this week showing the moment a man grabbed the gun of an LAPD officer during a bliz attack and opened fire at the San Pedro community police station in Los Angeles

Viral Footage Shows Chilling Attack On LAPD Officer 

The harrowing footage, which was obtained by the LA Times, shows 29-year-old Joe Cerpa Guzman knocking down a 37-year veteran officer with a blow to the head.

As the officer falls to the ground, multiple items fell off of his belt, including his gun.

The attacker immediately grabs the service weapon and pistol whips the LAPD veteran reportedly before pointing the gun right at the officer’s chest.

Police believe that Guzman pulled the trigger multiple times at point blank range. Fortunately for the officer, the gun’s safety mechanism was engaged resulting in a clicking noise but no discharge.

“The officer would have been dead if it had not,” said one LAPD official, referring to the safety mechanism.

Other LAPD sources said that it is believed that Guzman attempted to shoot the officer in the stomach, chin, and chest.

Guzman fled after his misfire, before turning to send a stream of a stream of gunshots at officers responding to the ruckus.

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LAPD Officer Escapes With ‘Bumps And Bruises’

Guzman opened fire on other officers who arrived at the scene, firing at least three times at them before making his escape.

He was quickly found a few blocks away and is currently being held on suspicion of attempted murder of a police officer. His bail is set for him at $2.23million. The LAPD has not yet revealed a motive for this shocking attack.

You can watch the horrifying scene unfold at the San Pedro station in the surveillance video below.

LAPD Chief Michel Moore has said that thankfully, the cop managed to walk away from this traumatic event with just some “bumps and bruises.” 

“I am grateful that the officer who was in this incident tonight, who was working the desk, came out to assist this individual to understand what his needs were, that he survived and that during this engagement that he did not lose his life,” Moore said. 

“It Just Shows How Dangerous This Job Is Now”

Craig Lally, president of the union that represents LAPD officers, released a statement saying that the assault was unprovoked, adding that there was “no rhyme or reason to it.”

“It just shows you how dangerous this job is now. You don’t even have to be responding to a call now,” he said. “You can just be sitting in a car in a uniform or sitting at a desk in a uniform and get attacked.”

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Anti-police sentiments have been at an all-time high in the United States since the death of George Floyd.

The leftist media is fueling the fire by taking the sides of violent looters over the cops trying to keep people safe.

If something doesn’t change soon, we can unfortunately expect many more violent assaults on police such as this one.

The brave men and women of law enforcement who put their lives on the line every day to protect the rest of us need our prayers now more than ever! 

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